Alissa Finerman on How to Align Your Choices With Your Goals

Author of Living in Your Top 1%, Alissa Finerman focuses on helping you and your team drive performance by leveraging your strengths and accomplishing key goals. In this interview with former SUCCESS magazine publisher Darren Hardy, Finerman shares how goals help direct our energy, ways to avoid negative words and how aligning your choices with your goals will help you discover and conquer your life mission.


  • Goals are vital to driving performance. But it goes deeper than that. Without goals, everything on your to-do list is important. Learn the emotional effects of goal-setting.
  • Learn why the top “one-percenters” see roadblocks as opportunities, and how you can, too.
  • Listen and learn the three C’s and how they can redefine your professional strategy: Choice, commitment and consistency.
  • If your goals aren’t aligned with what you value, you’re really just living someone else’s life. Define yourself to define your future.

Favorite quote from this episode:

“When you have goals, you add meaning to your life. It’s that feeling you have when you accomplish something and you just want to raise your hands and yell, ‘I did it!’ It’s that feeling that expands your view of what’s possible.”

—Alissa Finerman

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