Agency Owner Jordan Lintz Thinks Work-Life Balance is a Myth


PUBLISHED: September 11, 2022
Agency Owner Jordan Lintz Thinks Work-Life Balance is a Myth

At 25 years old, Jordan Lintz owns and manages an eight-figure umbrella company called HighKey Enterprises.

Along with his two brothers, Luke and Jackson, Lintz frequently works with A-list celebrities through HighKey Clout, one of three companies under the umbrella agency. Lintz has also established a personal brand online with more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram alone.

One of his most frequently asked questions is how he manages to find work-life balance—but the young entrepreneur has always believed that work-life balance is a myth.

“When you’re passionate about what you do for a living, and it makes you happy, you will never struggle with finding balance in your life,” Lintz says. “My life is pretty much work, but since I love what I do, I never really felt the pressure to balance things out just for the sake of it.”

Lintz adds that the reason many people feel compelled to limit the hours they spend working in a day is because they’re stuck doing something they don’t feel passionate about. “That’s why they set up artificial systems to only work this much in a day,” Lintz says. “They’re trying to compensate for the fact that they’re doing something they don’t like for a huge portion of their days. The solution is not to strike a balance. It’s to find something that makes you happy and make a living out of it. This way, you never lose your balance no matter how many hours of work you put in a day.”

Lintz cites his younger brother Luke as an example of someone who has mastered the art of finding balance by doing work he’s passionate about. While Lintz leads HighKey’s networking efforts by locking in most of their celebrity partnerships, Luke is more focused on building systems within the company.

Following HighKey’s recent move from Canada to Puerto Rico, Lintz says Luke has been working hard to build out a sales team to scale the global client base for their press and celebrity giveaways.

“He’s a full-on workaholic who easily works 80 hours a week,” Lintz says. “Now that he’s setting up our sales team, that number has gone up to 90, perhaps even 100 working hours a week. But he never feels a sliver of burnout. We all love what we do, after all.”

Lintz says it’s fortunate that he was able to pull himself and his brothers out of the typical path that causes many people to get stuck in 9-to-5 desk jobs. It’s the path of going to college, finding a job that pays a wage and doing the same thing over and over again until it’s time to retire.

“I actually went to college for two and a half years to study science,” Lintz says. “I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but eventually I drifted more towards business courses.”

While at university, Lintz says he and his best friend would often come up with random business ideas. Some were okay, but others were great and had real income potential. One day, they decided to go for it. Lintz and his best friend got Luke onboard, and they launched HighKey Technology, the first company that would ultimately form part of HighKey Enterprises.

Within three months from the launch of HighKey Technology, sales hit $30K. That’s when Lintz decided to drop out of school completely to focus on further growing the business. As a result, HighKey Technology crossed six-figure revenue within its first year in business. Eventually, HighKey pivoted to helping business people, brand artists, athletes, doctors and influencers gain stronger online presence through press publications and celebrity giveaways. These main services under HighKey Agency and HighKey Clout have achieved eight figures in revenue for HighKey Enterprises. They have also fostered collaborations with A-List celebrities including Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, 6ix9ine, Floyd Mayweather, Noah Schnapp, Tyga, Lil Baby, Dababy, Offset, 21 Savage, Rick Ross and more.

“That’s how I learned that going to university is optional,” Lintz says. “It might be a good idea for some people, but for people like me who were able to find something they love doing without getting a degree for it, it’s much better to just learn things on the job.”

Following in Lintz’s footsteps, Luke and Jackson never went to college. They finished high school and worked full-time for HighKey, helping the business grow from a single venture into a group of companies, including HighKey Technology, HighKey Clout and HighKey Agency.

“I led us down that path of leaving school and I’m glad my brothers learned early on that college is not necessary to lead a successful life,” Lintz says. “Now, we’re all doing something we’re passionate about, instead of going down that never-ending search for this mythical work-life balance.”

Now, the Lintz brothers are working on building another company under HighKey Enterprises, and Lintz says he can’t wait to share with the world the fourth installment to HighKey’s story—another product of his and his siblings’ collective inspired work.

“It’s coming soon, and it’s going to be massive,” Lintz says. “Better watch out for it.”

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