Adam Grant on Being an Original

What makes you unique? Simply your existence. SUCCESS Contributing Editor Mel Robbins says scientists conclude that your chances of being born were one in 400 trillion. But it goes further than that. In her conversation with Adam Grant, best-selling author of Give and Take and Originals, she discovers the difference between being unique versus being original, and the importance of championing others’ ideas to bolster your own creativity. Plus, learn how procrastination can benefit you.

This interview appears on the SUCCESS Talks Collection August 2016 edition.



  • Originals have new ideas, yes. But they also act on those ideas. Do you?
  • Why you should look to non-conformists as role models to bolster your success and push you out of your comfort zone.
  • Being an original doesn’t mean taking unnecessary risks. Leverage your ideas by cultivating them on the side of a full-time job until they grow enough to live on their own.
  • Why it’s dangerous to get hung up on your favorite idea while ignoring the others. The most creative people had thousands of failed ideas.


Favorite Quote From This Episode:

“creativity is the beginning, it’s not the end. Because a lot of people have great ideas and don’t do anything with them. When you become original, you take the initiative to make your ideas a reality.”


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