9 Ways to Know What Passion You Should Pursue

UPDATED: July 9, 2019
PUBLISHED: July 2, 2019
what passion to pursue

It can be difficult to find your way when you have a million interests tugging at your soul. They all seem like waiting opportunities, but which one is the right path for you?

Singling out just one passion can seem like you are giving up other key interests, leaving you feeling unclear about whether you’re picking the best possible option of all the ones available, or going for something that might work but wouldn’t be as fulfilling as it could be.

So how do you make a decision? To figure that out, we asked members of Young Entrepreneur Council what their advice is for someone looking to find their calling when they have a wide range of interests but no clear passion.

1. Focus on what keeps coming back.

Take notice of the interest that keeps coming back most often. For instance, if you’re really interested in painting and playing the guitar, but you find yourself reaching for the paintbrush more often, that might be a sign it’s your true calling.

John Turner, SeedProd LLC

2. Jump in.

The only true way to know what passion you should pursue is to try them all. Pick one and go for it. If you end up not enjoying it, move on to the next. Or, if you find one you like, then do the others as a side hustle or hobby. In today’s world, there are plenty of opportunities to dabble in multiple activities.

Zach Binder, Bell + Ivy

3. Try month-long experiments.

There is no need to find your “one true calling” if you enjoy learning about multiple topics. But if you really want to explore your passions, schedule a month of deep focus on one topic. Meet with people in the industry or role. Read every relevant newsletter and book. Wake up early and “work” on the topic. After 20 or 30 days of intense study, give yourself permission to double down or drop it.

Aaron Schwartz, Passport

4. Stay patient.

Passion isn’t something that we can just learn one day. When someone is passionate about something, it happens naturally. If you’re not passionate about any of your interests, then you should consider just relaxing and learning more about yourself over time while discovering new interests. Let passion find you.

David Henzel, LTVPlus

5. Ask others.

Ask others in your circle to see what they think you are best at and what enthralls you most. What do they consider your biggest strengths? Which interest causes your eyes to light up when you talk to them about it? This feedback is valuable when you are not sure yourself.

Serenity Gibbons, NAACP

6. Do nothing.

If you’re unsure of your true calling, there’s one surefire way to find it: Take some time to do absolutely nothing—no work, no hobbies, just complete aimless freedom. Whatever activities or interests seem the most appealing to you in this period of time are probably things you’re passionate about, and it would be smart for you to pursue that path in your professional and/or personal life.

Bryce Welker, Beat The CPA 

7. Stay agile.

If you have not yet discovered your particular niche, then focus your career on a wide range of interests. By exploring multiple interests, you will gain more experience and could possibly find your calling during the process. If not, at least you will have a wide range of experiences and be better positioned to remain agile until you find your true passion.

Matthew Podolsky, Florida Law Advisers, P.A.

8. Do your research.

If you have many interests but not a clear passion, maybe it’s time to dive a little deeper. Take your time to research and experience the full range of your interests. If at any point you think to yourself, I’d rather not do this, then it’s probably not your calling. But if you’re finding the information fascinating and interesting, then focus on that and see how passionate you really feel.

Anthony Saladino, Kitchen Cabinet Kings

9. Look elsewhere.

Sometimes your general interests are simply not meant to be your passion. If you’re not devoted enough to invest full time in one of your interests, perhaps it’s time you start researching other topics and niches in order to find something that you are truly passionate about. Some people spend their entire lives looking for something that inspires passion—don’t give up.

Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

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