8 Success Lessons Every Parent Should Know

UPDATED: March 30, 2023
PUBLISHED: October 27, 2017

In this extremely personal talk, Dean Grazio­­si uses the lessons he learned as a busy dad to illustrate how the rules of parenting can guide your overall success. Much of his advice is about tending to the little things—simply paying attention to the world around you. He openly shares the consequences of tunnel vision, like the time his young son icily left the room after Graziosi split his attention between his phone and a Lego creation. Or the time he almost missed a bonding moment with his daughter that taught her how to solve complex social problems at school.

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These stories are all part of Graziosi’s “8 Things That Make Me a Great Dad”:

  1. Pay attention to how you make them feel.

  2. Enter their world and finish sentences in their head.

  3. When problems arise, find the root cause. Don’t assign blame.

  4. Be authentic and enthusiastic.

  5. Tell fun stories with empowering messages.

  6. Reward good behavior unexpectedly.

  7. Be the person you want them to be.

  8. Be the observer of your thoughts. How do they affect those around you?

He encourages us to magnify the traits that create great families—like authenticity and e­­nthusiasm—in all that we do.

8 Success Lessons Every Parent Should Know

“I”m so authentic with my kids, I”ll do a parenting moment and screw it up. I literally tell my kids, ‘Listen, I”m reading this book, Love and Logic Parenting, and it’s told me how I should handle this, and I handled it completely wrong.’ Then I”ll redo it.” —Dean Graziosi

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Running time: 26:35

Filmed September 2017 at SUCCESS Live in Long Beach

Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is a success coach, business owner, entrepreneur, real estate expert, best-selling author and speaker.