7 Traits of High-Performing Team Members

high-performing team members

Having led all kinds of different teams in the past 25 years, from sports and Navy SEALs to companies and charities, I have discovered seven traits that characterize unstoppable teammates. These are the general traits required—the must-haves for powerful team dynamics—regardless of the team’s circumstances or challenges.

1. Competence

A curiosity to learn new skills and develop mastery of new subjects.

2. Perspective

Thoughtfulness about the way past experiences and challenges have shaped attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

3. Communication

The ability and willingness to express ideas and emotions.

4. Drive

A can-do spirit, strong work ethic and the hunger to succeed.

5. Humility

Inclusiveness, self-awareness and respect for others.

6. Flexibility

An openness to new perspectives and the adaptability to let go of one idea or belief to embrace another.

7. Selflessness

A willingness to serve others and place the truth and others’ interests above your own self-interest.

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Start with a promise to yourself to be CONSISTENT. Consistency is a huge key to leading a strong team. Think about this for a moment: if you say you’re going to send weekly e-mail updates to your teammates but then stop abruptly or decide that it’s not a big deal if you skip one or two because you’re too busy, what message are you sending to your team? You are communicating complacency, not consistency. You’re saying it’s OK not to keep your actions, people don’t know who you are. Inconsistent actions throw people off balance, and when they’re wondering “what’s next,” they’re spending more time guessing what the leader is going to do than focusing on what they should be doing to help the team. #ThursdayTip

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This article originally appeared in the November/December 2019 issue of SUCCESS magazine.
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Against the odds, Alden Mills conquered childhood asthma then accomplished extraordinary things: He became a nationally-ranked rower, a 3-time Navy SEAL platoon commander, then founder/CEO of one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies (Perfect Fitness). Alden earned his MBA at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School. His latest book is Unstoppable Teams.

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