7 Tips for the Struggling Entrepreneur

Ashton Bishop never took the conventional route. After graduating with a commerce and law degree from the University of Tasmania, he decided to try his hand as a street performer, stand-up comedian and even circus performer. Flash-forward several years to 2008, when he launched Step Change, an Australia-based business and marketing consulting firm that Bishop calls the “Robin Hood of marketing.”

7 Tips for the Struggling EntrepreneurThe company’s sole focus is to share big-business secrets with small, growing businesses. What started with a couple of guys, a laptop and a single credit card has transformed into six offices, 40 staff members and an ever-growing client list of nationally recognized brands.

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After hearing about the Entrepreneurs’ Organization from several friends who were members, Bishop decided to join in 2014. He offers this advice for entrepreneurs struggling to stay the course:

1. Reclaim your head space first.

Until you learn your triggers and can calm and soothe yourself, you won’t be bringing your best self.

2. Acknowledge your situation.

Do a truly objective assessment of where you’re going and what’s in the way.

3. Be strategic in your approach.

How can you apply your scarce resources of dollars, time and focus for best return?

4. Spot the patterns.

What’s this like? Is this similar to another industry, time or situation?

5. Research the gap.

Who’s conquered this before? What can I learn from them?

6. Commit before setting off without getting attached.

Understand that the outcome might not be controllable, but the inputs are. So focus 100 percent on inputs, free from attaching your self-worth to the result.

7. Ask yourself who you need to be to get the result.

For just about anything good or bad in your life, you’re the common denominator. Greatness comes from understanding that who you are changes the effectiveness of what you’re doing.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine.


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