5 Ways to Supercharge Your Personal and Professional Success

UPDATED: May 23, 2024
PUBLISHED: May 16, 2019
5 Ways to Supercharge Your Personal and Professional Success

We are all in this thing called life together, and what a ride we are on! In the middle of the madness and mayhem, the peaks and valleys, the lessons and laughter, and the triumphs and tragedy is the beautiful and complex you. You are the writer of your story and the CEO of your life. It’s extraordinary, sometimes boring and occasionally heartbreaking. You start new projects, change direction and end things you thought would last forever. Then you rebuild and do it all over again. You are designed and destined to feel, love, win, lose and sometimes mess up—that’s your “humanness,” your strength and your weakness.

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To set yourself up for a successful, resilient and happy life, you need integrated strategies that support both your personal and professional success. People often focus on one area of their life that they want to change or grow, which sometimes leaves critical relationships and decisions neglected. Having a holistic approach that considers everything from career to health will serve you best.

1. Play and plan big.

This is your one shot to live an amazing adventure. Be ambitious in your dreams. Consider what you want to be able to say about this life when you are 80 years old and sitting on the porch reflecting on the experiences you had. Successful people aren’t necessarily the smartest or best educated; they are brave enough to own what they want. Make a plan for the next six months, two years, 10 years, and get specific about your goals and how you will make them happen. What are you really capable of?

2. Make yourself your most important project.

Investing in yourself is the most important investment you will ever make. Successful people think strategically about how they are living and where they are heading. They set deadlines and consult experts who will support their success. They create a vision, identify blockers and review their progress. Consider ways you can learn, adapt and grow with the resources you have access to. Dedicate time every single week to your own self-development. How can you make you, and your future, a priority?

3. Do what other people aren’t prepared to do.

The world is full of people who start stuff but never follow through. Successful people do what’s required. They keep going even when it’s hard and they don’t want to. Don’t wait, don’t give in and commit to your plan. When your motivation has passed, it will be your commitment that keeps you going. Be clear about what compromises you are prepared to make and know your non-negotiables in terms of how you practice self-care. Are you prepared to do what’s required?

4. Find your tribe.

Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed, who will challenge you to be more and who understand your true potential. Your tribe extends beyond friends and family. They are people who will challenge you and celebrate you. Identify those in your world who you trust and will tell you the truth—no energy vampires allowed! Successful people rarely create success on their own.  Find someone who inspires you, and you will quickly see they have people around them who make them better, too. Who do you know?

5. Get uncomfortable.

It is true, the greatest learning happens in discomfort. To know what you are really capable of, you have to test out your resilience and capabilities. You don’t know what you don’t know about you yet. Holistic success across all areas of your life will come when you have the opportunities to stretch and find solutions. Knowing you can trust yourself is key to personal growth. You are an ever-evolving complex human with so many things to learn, and that is where your potential sits. Intentionally look for new experiences. When was the last time you felt really uncomfortable?

Personal and professional success is yours for the taking when you consciously plan your life. By implementing these strategies, you will be prepared for the curveballs and ready for the opportunities. The reality is that no one else in the world can create success for you. Having a supercharged plan and approach will absolutely make all the difference for you.

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Lisa Stephenson is the author of Read Me First (Major Street Publishing) and the founder of the global consulting firm Who Am I Projects. Over the years, she has worked with some of the biggest global names, CEOs, elite athletes and entrepreneurs. For more information on Lisa, go to www.lisastephensonconsulting.com.au.