5 Ways to Harness the Power of Likeability

I believe that likeability is the greatest ability. The power of likeability can move you forward in life.

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There are many people I”ve known in my career who are brilliant, smart, talented—but they are such jerks that people are constantly trying to tear them down. They sabotage themselves every time. So one of the things I always wanted to do in my career, was have as I moved up, people that want to help me up; if I stumbled, have people want to catch me.

And so you say, “Well John, how do I try to be more likeable?”

  1. Smile!
  2. Speak to people.
  3. Learn their names.
  4. Connect with them.
  5. Say something nice.

There”s something you can find to say nice about almost anybody.

Learn to harvest the power of likeability to help you succeed. I believe if we all work on trying to be more likeable and less disagreeable, what a great world it would be.

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