5 Circles Beats 3 Squares

Americans have, by and large, distorted the golden rule of three square meals a day beyond recognition.

We skip breakfast, eat quick lunches, slug down coffee or energy drinks, snack throughout the day to compensate for the poor start, and then consume more than half of our daily calories in one meal: dinner. This is a perfect meal plan, if you’re looking to slow your metabolism to a crawl, stunt your cognitive performance, and pack on body fat at record speed. There is a better way.

First, learn how to build a balanced meal. Eat sensible, nutrient-rich meals, with the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats: When you set out to build a balanced meal, consider these simple guidelines: Don’t get all caught up in counting calories. Instead I suggest you focus on portions. A portion, one serving, should be about the same size as the palm of your hand.

Step 1: Select a quality source of lean protein.

Step 2: Balance it with an equal-size portion of a complex carbohydrate.

Step 3: Eliminate bad fats; add some good (essential, non-saturated) fat in your day.

Step 4: Add at least one serving of vegetables twice daily. Enjoy fresh fruit often. 3×3, 5×9 Now that you know how to build a meal, you’ll want to follow the formula throughout the day.

Eating five compact meals approximately every three hours is the absolute best and most efficient way to stoke your metabolism, keep your energy high, body strong, and mind alert. Start your day strong with breakfast, then eat two more meals before 3 p.m.—one of which is a smaller in-between meal, as I call it in Strength for Life. (I’m not fond of the word snack, as I think that’s something you feed the dog!). Next up, eat two more balanced meals before 9 p.m., again one of which is a smaller meal. 

Eating more often is not only better for your waistline, but it also keeps your blood sugar stable, your metabolism humming steadily, and helps you avoid the urge for the quick “pick-me-up” candy, soft drink or energy drink. With 5 circles, you’ll be stoking the fires of your metabolism, helping you build and maintain a lean, strong, sexy body.

Eat well, eat often.


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