4 Tips for Prioritizing Your Health

prioritizing your health

What is your advice for prioritizing your health on top of a busy schedule?

Recently I’ve subscribed to exercise programs that require a short-term commitment. For example, I just completed a nine-week “take no prisoners” boot camp that really made me focus on health. I perform much better in a world of “no excuses.”

—Sharon Mosse, CEO of How I Met My Dog



We make it a team commitment to be healthy. Lunches are catered at work, and we hold each other to picking the healthier options. Every hour on the hour during the work week, we do a short round of exercises—15 pushups or 30 crunches—and we motivate one another to keep the momentum going.

Pokin Yeung, founder of Absolute Games


prioritizing your health


I love trying new boutique workout studios and often book weekend classes with friends. I like working out with friends because I can accomplish two things at once!

Courtney Spritzer, co-founder of Socialfly




The biggest priorities must get done first, hence why I wake up early to ensure I hit the gym each day before work.

—Charles Gaudet, CEO and founder of Predictable Profits





This article originally appeared in the Fall 2019 issue of SUCCESS magazine.
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