4 Things That Can Break a Leader

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One doesn’t need to look far or wide to find what leading entrepreneurs and business executives do to make their companies so profitable, innovative and successful. But what about all the things they avoid doing? Like kryptonite to Superman, some activities are poison to the head honcho at any business. Here are four things that smart leaders avoid at all costs.

Attempting to make perfect decisions:

“Paralysis by analysis” is a serious shortcoming for many CEOs. The mentality that you can never have enough data will only hold your company back.

Wearing too many hats:

Smart leaders do not build companies that revolve entirely around themselves. No one person can be an expert in every facet of a business. Know your specialty and stick to it.

Attending all meetings:

It can be a growth experience to have a subordinate attend a meeting in your place and then brief you on what occurred. And it saves time.


Good leaders do the opposite. Executives should not be afraid to over-communicate the same message multiple times; providing the same information via different channels increases the likelihood that employees will actually remember what you tell them.

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