3 New Books to Help You Find Yourself and Your Calling

UPDATED: May 29, 2022
PUBLISHED: August 18, 2021
3 New Books to Help You Find Your Yourself and Your Calling

Magic Dust: What Is It? Who Has It? How Do You Get It?

By Mark J. Harris

Dallas-based entrepreneur Mark J. Harris’ first book tells the stories of 19 people he believes have “magic dust”—an inexplicable yet palpable quality that makes them shine above others and achieve lasting success. Harris categorizes these 19 people—all of whom impacted him personally—into four categories: visionaries, implementors, motivators and warriors. 

Magic dust, Harris says, comprises a set of qualities that can include anything from charisma and character to dedication, determination and drive. It’s not one specific personality trait, but rather an amalgamation of various qualities that combine to form something truly special. 

“Magic dust is not a rabbit pulled out of a hat or a coin found behind the ear,” Harris writes. “It’s many things and takes many forms.” As you read Magic Dust, you’ll wonder not only who in your own life has this elusive quality, but whether you do, too. 

Courage is Calling: Fortune Favors the Brave

By Ryan Holiday

A New York Times best-selling author and marketer well-known for his trilogy of books on stoicism, Courage is Calling is the first book in Ryan Holiday’s new series about the four qualities ancient philosophy suggests are most important for living a virtuous life: courage, temperance, justice and wisdom.

Using myriad examples from history—some of which you’ll be familiar with—Holiday explores humankind’s relationship with courage. Readers will come away from the book with a sense of how they can overcome fear in their own lives to live boldly and bravely. 

The Practice of Groundedness: A Transformative Path to Success that Feeds—Not Crushes—Your Soul

By Brad Stulberg 

We’re living in a society in which rest is often eschewed in favor of a go, go, go mindset. Waking up at 4 a.m. or working 70 hours a week is often seen as admirable. But working around the clock isn’t the way to achieve true success. In fact, it’s often the way to suffer from serious burnout. 

The Practice of Groundedness suggests the key to succeeding in today’s culture isn’t by working 24/7, and instead of a focus on productivity, optimization and growth, Stulberg argues, we must home in on things like presence, integrity, internal strength and self-confidence.

“When you are grounded there is no need to look up or down,” he writes. “You are where you are, and you hold true strength and power from that position. The success you experience becomes more enduring and robust. It is only once you are grounded that you can truly soar, at least in a sustainable manner.”

This article originally appeared in the September/October 2021 issue of SUCCESS magazine. Photo by Pro-stock Studio

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