17 Inspiring Quotes About Reinventing Yourself


Nothing stays the same forever. In a world where things are always changing, sometimes you have to think about who you are and where you’re at—and figure out whether or not it’s time for a refresh, a total change in direction.

As you find yourself chasing new dreams and desires, sometimes the best way to get there is to reinvent yourself in a way that models your future success. Your biggest goals are possible, and with the right mindset you can realign your very existence to become the person you need to be to achieve them.

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There’s nothing like a fresh start, so here are 17 quotes to help you reinvent yourself, to create your best self.

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1. “Every day, you reinvent yourself. You’re always in motion. But you decide every day: forward or backward.” —James Altucher

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2. “Just as established products and brands need updating to stay alive and vibrant, you periodically need to refresh or reinvent yourself.” —Mireille Guiliano

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3. “I feel like I have a job to do, like I constantly have to reinvent myself. The more I up the ante for myself, the better it is in the long run.” —Kevin Hart

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4. “We must reinvent a future free of blinders so that we can choose from real options.” —David Suzuki

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5. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” —George Bernard Shaw

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6. “I thought, I need to reinvent myself. I want every day of life to be wonderful, fascinating, interesting, creative. And what am I gonna do to make that happen?” —Karen Allen

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7. “When things are bad, it’s the best time to reinvent yourself.” —George Lopez

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8. “It’s never too late—never too late to start over, never too late to be happy.” —Jane Fonda

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9. “There’s nothing more addictive or incredible in life than reinventing yourself and allow yourself to be different every day.” —Thalia

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10. “The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps.” —Bob Black

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11. “I am still making order out of chaos by reinvention.” —John le Carre

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12. “Your power to choose your direction of your life allows you to reinvent yourself, to change your future, and to powerfully influence the rest of creation.” —Stephen Covey

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13. “Be prepared to reinvent yourself. Be prepared to go out on a limb occasionally, and be prepared to do the things that you feel strongly about.” —Hillman Curtis

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14. “If you are not where you want to be, do not quit, instead reinvent yourself and change your habits.” —Eric Thomas

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15. “People who cannot invent and reinvent themselves must be content with borrowed postures, secondhand ideas, fitting in instead of standing out.” —Warren Bennis

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16. “Don’t ever feel like your best days are behind you. Reinvention is the purest form of hope. Make today your best yet.” —Phil Wohl

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17. “Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.” —Guy Finley


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