14 Industry-Disrupting Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2023


PUBLISHED: January 31, 2023
14 Industry-Disrupting Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2023

Behind every breakthrough innovation in business or products lies an entrepreneur who failed 100 times or more to make it happen.

At its core, entrepreneurship is a series of courageous decisions and leaps of faith that got those entrepreneurs where they are today, when 99% of the population would have stopped along the way. Day in and day out, entrepreneurs put in tireless work to develop businesses that provide jobs and drive innovation.

The start of the new year is a good time to acknowledge those who are working to create major change in their niche and set the bar for others for the coming year. The following up-and-coming thought leaders are making waves in their industry, impacting millions and inspiring others, setting a precedent for entrepreneurs to aspire to in 2023 and beyond.

Here are the 14 entrepreneurs who are impacting an industry, ones to watch closely in 2023:

1. Rudy Mawer

Rudy Mawer is an international entrepreneur, marketing guru, serial investor and CEO of multimillion-dollar brands. He started learning business skills at a young age, and by the time he was 27 years old he had built two multimillion-dollar businesses.

While at grad school, he built his professor a million-dollar personal training business, all while building his own multi-million dollar brand. He then launched his global marketing agency in 2020 alongside Shark Tank’s original shark, Kevin Harrington. For the last two years, he has focused on operating some of the largest e-commerce brands in the United States alongside Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr. Today, Mawer is well-known as a marketer and has notable clients and partnerships with influential figures like Floyd Mayweather. 

Mawer’s online marketing company, Mawer Capital, has helped over 50,000 businesses across the globe grow online with courses, training, workshops, events and his 12-month Mastermind program. 

Mawer is now helping thousands of entrepreneurs, mainstream celebrities, influencers and charities with his online advertising methods. He has helped generate over $200 million in revenue for his clients and brands through his agency and consulting services. You can learn from Mawer via his new book, podcast or @RudyMawerLife on Instagram. 

2. Michael Borgelt

Michael Borgelt is an innovator in the world of digital marketing agencies. He started his career in computer programming, then stepped into the Internet market and then launched his own companies. He is the founder and CEO of 51 Blocks, a Denver, Colorado-based digital local search agency, and BionicWP, a managed WordPress hosting agency.

Borgelt is revolutionizing the agency space for his clients by having them follow the “Just Sell Method.” This method has made it possible for entrepreneurs to start and scale a digital marketing agency without any of the stress of managing a team, clients or the back-end fulfillment. By using his experience and knowledge to educate fellow entrepreneurs, he has made it possible for his clients to grow agencies quickly with minimal overhead.

As a business owner, Borgelt has taken the world by storm with his skill in search engine optimization (SEO) and strategic digital marketing. He is an innovator in the world of white-labeled SEO and managed WordPress hosting. Recently, Borgelt’s companies have seen monumental success, reaching over $3 million in combined revenue.

3. Mandy (Barbee) Lanier

When it comes to living a life of fulfillment, Mandy (Barbee) Lanier is on a mission to help her clients achieve success in what money can’t buy. She states: “There are a lot of people in this world who are rich in resources, but can’t feel enjoyment in their success. We understand what it takes to close this gap.”

Lanier started her career with 18 years of experience in leading teams in unique, high-stake environments. She transformed those skills into guiding high achievers toward enjoyment and resolution. With her company, Palladium Mind, Lanier has created a space for people to stabilize bliss and find real enjoyment in their lives by helping her clients achieve issue resolution and see a vision beyond problem solving. 

4. Brian Dalmaso

Brian Dalmaso is a global wealth and mindset expert, motivational speaker, mentor and CEO. Starting in the mechanical engineering industry, moving into luxury gaming and then sustainable energy solutions—and launching multiple successful ventures along the way—Dalmaso then launched the Matrix Success Network in 2017.  

Dalmaso was mentored by Bob Proctor, a leading wealth mindset coach. He launched Matrix Success Network to work with Proctor to teach entrepreneurs the science of succeeding at the highest levels. Dalmaso and his team understand the strategies and thought processes of the wealthiest people, and they can teach it to anyone who is willing to learn to do the same.

Dalmaso is creating a global impact by providing accessible scientific insight to the mindset of the wealthiest people. 

5. Jacine Greenwood

Jacine Greenwood has been referred to as “The Fairy Godmother of Skin” by solving conditions other products in the market could not. Greenwood often has consumers of her products come to her looking to formulate something to solve their problems. Her company, Roccoco Botanicals, creates innovative, multifunctional products that rapidly transform a variety of skin conditions. 

The level of innovation at Roccoco is inspiring and has been deemed one of their core values. Greenwood is not afraid to break the mold of what is “considered” normal in the cosmetic world. By doing so, she has created transformational skin results for her consumers. 

In 2022, Roccoco Botanicals won the Allē Award, an international award for cosmetic innovation. Greenwood is challenging the status quo and exploring the realms of possibility in cosmetics with Roccoco Botanicals.

6. Mitch Jones

Mitch Jones is creating timeless, hand-crafted wooden timepieces and accessories. He saw the other wooden watches that existed in the market and thought he could do better—so he did and he created The Wood Forest Inc.

Jones was inspired by woodworking and the natural beauty of wood. He set out to create timepieces that people would love. He wanted watches that would transcend being viewed as simply a fashion statement. He wanted to create art. 

Wood Forest Watches are meaningful and memorable timepieces that are handcrafted and affordable. Jones’s watches are comparable to the build, fit and feel of high-end luxury watches, without costing thousands of dollars. Wood Forest Watches are lightweight, durable, time-tested and unique presents that no one expects but appreciates. 

7. Kyle Rice

Kyle Rice, DPT, started as a practicing physical therapist and realized there was an influx of people in the physical therapy world who needed his help in a different way. So, he created The PT Hustle®, a coaching program that provides individualized preparation and attention for those taking the National Physical Therapy Examination. Created for those who struggle with imposter syndrome, fear of failing and test performance anxiety, the PT Hustle® helps aspiring physical therapists pass their licensure exams and start their careers. 

Rice is not only helping physical therapists pass their examinations, he is helping them fine-tune their professional skills and ultimately provide better patient outcomes and potentially earn higher compensation as practitioners. Rice is also creating a new program, PT Hustle® Clinician in collaboration with several notable physical therapists to bring widespread change to the system.

8. Javier and Marissa Carlin

Javier Carlin, DPT, CSCS, and Marissa Carlin, MS, RD, LDN,  are dietitians who are shaking up their industry in a different way. This power couple is educating other dietitians how to excel in their business through their coaching programs and podcast, The Practice Revolution

Javier and Marissa believe that the healthcare system is broken and they are on a mission to change it via their private practice model. They provide business coaching for registered dietitians and nutrition entrepreneurs to create more private practice owners each day in an effort to make healthcare more accessible to all. In a world where “influencers” and self-proclaimed “nutrition experts” are spreading incorrect information online, The Practice Revolution is helping the real professionals reclaim their industry and provide correct information to the public. 

9. Greg Luther 

Greg Luther took the real estate industry by storm and he is now teaching other agents to find success as well. After over two decades as a real estate agent, Luther has now coached over 30,000 real estate agents across the U.S. in sales and marketing to improve their real estate businesses as Greg Luther Enterprises

Luther teaches agents how to utilize the target market to get prospects to call them, rather than spending their time cold calling, door knocking and begging for business. The real estate industry is competitive, so he teaches agents how to increase sales and monthly business through effective and measurable marketing efforts.

10. Dawnna St Louis

Dawnna St Louis is changing the game for experts and teaching them how to share their expertise by attracting more clients and increasing demand for their businesses or services. St Louis built her personal company, Fyrebrand, to help experts break out of the 9-5 grind and become well-paid coaches and speakers they are meant to be.

As the market for education and high-level coaching grew, St Louis saw the need for framework and consistency. Many coaches are experts in their industry, but are “winging it” when it comes to sharing this knowledge. St Louis helps her students create a duplicatable framework for consistent success so they can build their brand.  

11. Mark Julian

Mark Julian has been inventing products for over 20 years. His products have been featured in the Sharper Image Catalog, Hammacher Schlemmer, a Touch of Modern and more. His company, Trim and Tone, is the creator of fitness industry product The Trim and Tone Belt. 

The Trim and Tone Belt combines electronic muscle stimulation (to tone muscles) and red light therapy (to burn fat) into one device, allowing consumers to experience the benefits of each therapy at once from the privacy of their home. 

12. Luis Diaz

Luis Diaz has developed a framework and launching strategy for podcasts that is setting a new standard. After growing his own podcast from zero to 19,000 downloads in under a year, he has now helped podcasts from entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, thought-leaders, Olympic-medalists and NFL athletes become “Top 10-100” ranking shows with his business, Top 10 Podcasts.

With Diaz’s experience launching shows, he understands what works to get people ranked. Through his How to Get Your First 100K Podcast Listeners: For Online Business Owners podcast, he shares his knowledge and tips for attracting listeners, accruing authority via your show and “[creating] multiple new revenue streams with your podcast.”

13. Andrew Leedham

Andrew Leedham is on a mission to teach entrepreneurs that transforming their confidence is the key to transforming their life. Starting from his lowest point, Leedham began his journey to regain the sense of self-worth and confidence he had lost. He truly believes anyone can harness the same level of confidence that the 1% has access to, and he has made it his mission to teach his clients how.

Leedham is helping his clients create a state of unwavering confidence as their new default. After all, as he says, “No one needs to suffer with low confidence.” He encourages everyone to overcome the self-limiting beliefs holding them back. This leads to rapid transformations and results that last.

14. Chad Durfee

With over 15 years of sales experience and a background in psychology, Chad Durfee has been able to develop highly sought-after coaching programs and consulting services. Plus, his knowledge of lead generation allows him to create systems and frameworks with a focus on helping his clients with referrals, renewals and retention. His company, Referral Wave, helps clients find and utilize yet-untapped revenue streams within their businesses.

Referral Wave’s four-step process helps clients to design and implement a new revenue strategy, improve lead generation and the percentage of leads you close on and utilize credit in order to scale your business. Durfee is helping businesses reach revenue goals they never thought possible through the use of his systems. 

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