Rudy Mawer: From One Suitcase to The American Dream


PUBLISHED: December 19, 2022
Rudy Mawer: From One Suitcase to The American Dream

As the digital world grows, more and more people are seizing the opportunity to create generational wealth

Celebrity marketer, serial entrepreneur and investor Rudy Mawer has been a pioneer of this recent revolution and is a go-to expert for thousands of businesses. He reached his first million by age 26 and is now helping tens of thousands of businesses grow online with the skills he learned. Mawer has led the marketing of billion dollar companies, has built several seven- and eight-figure companies and has partnered with A-list celebrities and Shark Tank entrepreneurs along the way. 

None of this was handed to Mawer on a plate. Originally from the U.K., Mawer didn’t inherit wealth or riches. However, his parents were international athletes, so he did grow up around success, drive and high performance. 

He had a stubborn persistence and the desire to succeed and be wealthy from a very young age. Mawer learned marketing, without a mentor, from the age of 12, buying and selling on eBay and then building his first website at 14. When he turned 18, he continued his family’s passion in sports and fitness, becoming a personal trainer and using his internet skills to quickly grow his SEO ranking on Google to No. 1 in his area.

Then, Mawer was one of the first in the country to see the opportunity of Facebook ads, which led him to launch a bestselling online workout program that would eventually grow to a seven-figure business. All of this was started with money he raised by working 70 hours a week in multiple gyms, and even taking a third job at times to save as much as he could for his future business plans.

But that wasn’t enough. Over the next few years, during college, he started several side hustles and even bought real estate and rented houses to his college friends. He sold supplements, built an online gaming community, created a personal training business and even organized nightclub events that attracted major artists.

Eventually, Mawer decided that in order to get to the next level he had to be with people who were already there. To do this, he knew the energy, big-picture thinking and obsession with success lay in the United States. After building a successful fitness business, real estate portfolio and other brands, Mawer decided to leave it all and restart his life, moving with one suitcase to America to complete his master’s degree in Tampa, Florida. 

While in grad school for sports science, he kept honing his sales and marketing skills, working with the university to promote the research and work they were performing on supplements, athletes and bodybuilders.

During this year and through his former work in fitness, he had managed to establish himself as an expert (one thing he teaches now and believes is key—personal branding). This allowed him a lot of access and fast-tracked his career, being featured on major fitness sites and writing for publications such as Men’s Health. It also led him to connecting with professional bodybuilders and building collaborations with Olympic athletes and Superbowl Champions.

After graduating, Mawer knew America was the place to stay and quickly built several multimillion-dollar businesses. His next ambitious goal was to generate $100,000,000 in sales. That number would frighten most people. But Mawer had a plan and used the following skills he believed were vital for success.

1. Master your skills and build an expert brand

If you want to generate more income, be good at what you do. 

Once you are good at what you do, you need to build an expert brand so that everyone else understands your expertise as well. You will be able to satisfy clients and open doors, such as the celebrity partnerships Mawer has created. Mawer helped big brands, celebrities, Olympic athletes and movie stars grow their businesses by offering a boutique, done-for-you solution using his advanced marketing strategies and innovative methods. Is he the only marketer in the world? Absolutely not, but he quickly became well-known and recognized as one of the best—that’s the difference.

2. Help others grow and add value

The fastest way to find success is to help others grow. Mawer learned this early on, and it became a guiding rule of his life ever since.

In his fitness business, he helped more than 100,000 people transform their health, which made him successful. Now, in business and marketing, Mawer has helped 40,000 businesses via his courses, content and programs. If you are struggling to find your course in life, Mawer suggests figuring out these three things: What you love; what your customers need; and the best way to add value to them.

3. Get attention and eyeballs

Once you have figured out how a great product or service helps other people and adds value for them, Mawer says the final step is to get people to actually see it.

After many years helping thousands of businesses, he said the No. 1 place they all fall short is that they don’t know how to get attention and eyeballs. Many businesses have a good product or service, but don’t know how to advertise it. They don’t know how to grab attention, how to run ads and how to continue to scale. This leaves them stagnant, and it’s the difference between rapid growth and businesses that plateau. 

Mawer says the best way to get more eyeballs, attention and traffic or customers is being unique. Most of Mawer’s ads, marketing ideas and promotions are unique. They stand out and are fun, entertaining and educational. Mawer adds that if you want more growth, customers and sales, get creative—then, don’t be afraid to spend a lot of money to show up to your customers all day, every day.

Now, Mawer’s mission is to continue helping entrepreneurs implement successful marketing techniques to grow their businesses into global brands. He’s joining with world-renowned partners and acquisitions experts, and helping thousands of small businesses and future entrepreneurs every single day online. 

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