10 Ways to Make Change That Will Serve You Well

UPDATED: May 22, 2024
PUBLISHED: November 26, 2020

1. Seek solidarity.

It’s up to you to find and connect with the personal development voices with which you identify. If you’re in a rut, do some research to find new authors or podcasters to rekindle the fire.

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2. Don’t judge.

The next time you are presented with a problem, take special care to keep an open mind. Consider your ingrained biases and whether they might be affecting your inclinations.

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3. Stay connected.

More and more solutions are being developed to help teams keep vibrant cultures, but no software can do the job of a personal touch. Start your day by reaching out to a colleague with praise.

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4. Get focused.

The best companies and the best leaders never let their eyes off the prize. At the end of each day, set priorities for the next morning that will most closely align with your true mission.

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5. Study time.

Jim Rohn said “formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune.” Some of the most valuable lessons don’t come with a high-priced degree or training certificat. Instead, solicit a mentor today.

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6. Share yourself.

If you’re not able to donate money to a cause you believe in, like social justice, you can have just as much impact by donating your time. Whatever your passion, search for a way to get involved.

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7. Daydream.

The life of a nomadic solopreneur may seem totally out of reach given your current obligations. Thing is, most nomads thought the same at one point. Just allow your mind to envision the possibility.  

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8. See the big picture.

Today’s problems may seem insurmountable, but that might just be because you haven’t considered all the possible solutions. If you feel stuck, take a step back and consider things from a 30,000-foot viewpoint.

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9. Ask why not.

The first rule of side-hustling: Don’t box yourself in. Instead of inventing reasons why you can’t do something, think of creative ways to make it all work.

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10. Roll with it.

If you fear change, try this exercise: Imagine the worst-case scenario in your business or career, and journal about five ways you could potentially escape it. See, it’s not the end of the world.

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This article originally appeared in the November/December 2020 issue of SUCCESS magazine.
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