10 Best Practices for Managing Your Email

managing your email

Q: I spend so much time responding to emails that I lose productivity in other areas. How can I become more efficient when it comes to managing my inbox?

A: Emails are clearly a major part of our personal and professional lives today, and yet many people spend as much as one or two hours a day managing them.

Based on my work over the years with many of the world’s largest corporations and top high achievers, I’ve identified these 10 best practices when it comes to managing your email. They will increase your productivity and significantly improve your communication with others.

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1. Determine what you want to accomplish.

2. Frontload your emails with action.

3. Leverage the subject line.

4. Be clear and concise.

5. Make it easy on the receiver.

6. Use CC and BCC carefully.

7. Reduce the volume.

8. Get it “good enough” and get it out.

9. Think before you hit “send.”

10. Use the phone to avoid too much back and forth.

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