Why You Should Rely on Your Intuition

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I find it ironic I am writing the editor’s note this month, considering I often feel like one of the most indecisive people I know. I tend to overanalyze things in an effort to avoid making the wrong decision, only to come full circle and go with my first inclination.

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As senior art director of SUCCESS, I make decisions every day. Choosing a cover photo is one of the biggest. Long before I even have images to consider, the process begins: selecting a photographer, researching the shoot’s location, pulling together reference photos, and creating a shoot schedule and a shot list. This month’s cover with Megyn Kelly was no different. When I boarded the plane to New York, I was prepared. Per usual, I flew in the day before to scout the location. I met up with photographer Dave Moser at the Fox News headquarters where the shoot was to take place, and we decided on two spots indoors, as well as one on the plaza outside. The day of the shoot, Kelly was great to work with; she was very genuine and accommodating. This was one of my favorite shoots thus far.

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Back at the office the following week, I received 498 images to consider. I was going to have a lot of decisions to make. After reviewing the photos multiple times, I narrowed it down to 24 top picks. From these I mocked up eight covers to present to Editor-in-Chief Josh Ellis. We then narrowed it down to three. Then came decisions on the background color and where to put the cover lines.

In the end we chose a beautiful image of Kelly seated because it was different—a different pose for our cover and a different look for her. I love that our cover shows another side to Kelly than what you see on the air. She is casual, relaxed and approachable, like the person she really is.


When I actually think about it, I guess I am pretty good at making decisions. Preparation is my secret. And trusting my gut. It’s usually right.

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McMurry is the senior art director of SUCCESS.

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