What’s Your Plan for 2015? Ask Yourself 3 Questions

Have you ever noticed that smart, successful people are usually the first to ask for help?

The most financially savvy executives and entrepreneurs wouldn’t even consider submitting their taxes without the help of a trusted certified public accountant. The healthiest, most athletic people surround themselves with personal trainers and nutritionists. Why? Successful people value and appreciate the experience that others can share to improve their results exponentially.

Many leaders fail to think the same way when it comes to strategic planning for their companies. Some let their egos blind them, insisting that they can handle the process on their own. If you have employees, chances are good that many of them qualify as experts about your company, too. How much exponential value would it be worth to you to have everyone on your team focused on the big picture?

Here are three simple questions you must ask yourself that will explain how helpful your team can be in planning.

• How clear is my vision for the next 12 months?
• Do my direct reports understand the vision?
• Do my direct reports take ownership of their roles in realizing the vision?

Think about what you can do differently this year to make your planning process a group effort, and not just something that occurs in your mind alone. Who are the experts you will include in the process?

I just released my 43rd book, Leverage. It is the follow-up to my flagship work, Strategic Acceleration. In it, I show leaders how to apply High Leverage Activities into their planning and also how to cascade the concept throughout their organizations. Consider how successful your team could be if each individual was committed to focusing on his own High Leverage Activities, as well as those that define the organization as a whole.

Learn how to create a team of respected advisers—a mastermind group—for suggestions, solutions and feedback.

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