Wasting Viral Engagement? Cinsay It Ain’t So!

When most people think of viral marketing, they generally also think of videos or YouTube. Social e-commerce company Cinsay aims to change both the platform for and our thinking behind the power of video.

“The next time you go to the mall, watch how the experience is being taken to the next level at these department stores. They know they’re losing to online,” says Cinsay CEO Christian Briggs. “They’re increasing the experience to justify the cost. Well, that right there, in video, is the experience. It’s a much better experience than static pictures or text.”

At its founding in 2007, Cinsay capitalized on the rising popularity of e-commerce and the consumer’s need for experience in a customizable video platform, complete with a point-of-sale and transaction system that takes place entirely within the player. Think: a sales-generating lovechild between Amazon and YouTube that outperforms its famous parents.





It’s a simple idea, really. When your video goes viral, your Cinsay store goes viral, too. “Every time you have the opportunity to show that video, you have an opportunity to sell and transact at that point of sharing,” explains Briggs. The result is a sales conversion rate of 7 to 9%, compared to a 2.5% average of search to click-through (not even accounting for sales) from traditional Google search.

Unlike YouTube, Cinsay also tracks the sharing and sales analytics of its videos. In their demo for SUCCESS, Cinsay showed us their merchant video analytics page: a dashboard that tracks all of the sharing and transactions for any given video– basically, a Big Data analyst’s dream. “Where was it shared? How was it shared? To whom was it shared to? You can hone in and gather the best information on your brand and services.” Instead of patching together your sales and marketing strategy with five different websites or vendors, video, e-commerce, mobile and social are all blended seamlessly together with the Cinsay Smart Store. Big brands like Wet Seal, GameFly and Neiman Marcus took notice and became loyal Cinsay clients.

After launching their video Smart Store, Cinsay noticed one crucial difference that made an impact on their various clients’ success rates. “We saw that less than 10% [of small business clients] who bought the Smart Store have a website,” explained Christian Briggs. “You’ve got to have a place of origin where your video is going to be embedded. It’s not just going to go viral on its own; if it did, everybody on YouTube would be a success story. You’ve got to have a site.” The clear solution was to provide website and hosting services, which Cinsay did– for free.

Unsatisfied with their clients’ limited ability of selling pre-existing products, the social tech innovator launched Cinsay On Demand, a brandable merchandise division. “[With Cinsay on Demand,] all you need to have is a desire to work or to promote or get started. You don’t even have to have extensive knowledge or expertise in anything except for just a deep desire to be successful,” describes CEO Briggs.

And with every change and innovation, Cinsay strives to do just that: help small businesses become successful– in branding, marketing and, above all, in sales.



Sound Bites: Christian Briggs’ Advice to Entrepreneurs

Here’s what the founder and CEO of Cinsay would tell his fellow entrepreneurs:

Be Active Online. “Overnight, you can be a household name if your video goes viral. There’s no barriers to entry, borders or walls, to prevent you from successful all over the world.”

Fuel Your Motivation. "Seeing inefficiency drives me. Watching somebody doing something wrong and then trying to help them do it right; trying to make a difference in the way people look or do things that you just see and think, 'That's not right. You can do better than that.'"

Mind Your Social Media. “One of the core value propositions for Facebook is the community of people. By maintaining video sharing, brand awareness and commerce, and doing that to create transactions, you’ve got yourself a winner.”

Humor Sells… “We all laugh when someone falls down. Make funny videos! Go viral! The simplicity of a viral video can turn you into a millionaire overnight.”

… And Selling is the Bottom Line. “To me, if given a choice, I would rather spend money on product development and video [than on marketing], because that’s what’s going to drive sales.”


Cinsay is offering an exclusive deal for the readers of SUCCESS. For the month of April and May, you can have a Professional Smart Store (valued at $49.99) for only $19.99 a month. The features of this package includes:

– 10 Smart Store Video Players – 50 Videos – 500 Transactions/month – Free MyCinsay Landing Pages – Merchant Account Available – Basic Analytics – 50 GB Bandwidth

  You can sign up online or via chat by mentioning the keyword "SUCCESS" at Cinsay.com or by calling 888-579-4708. 


Jennifer Chang is the former associate editor for SUCCESS. She has a corgi puppy who has more Instagram followers than a dog should have. Tweet or follow her thoughts and favorite links at @jenzchang.

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