Top of Mind: How to Strengthen Your Willpower

How Do You Keep Up Your Willpower?Just like everyone else, I get burnt out. As the leader of my company, it can have a domino effect, and that’s when a company can get into real trouble. Luckily for me, I have great leadership team that is always there to keep my spirits up. I also keep a folder of messages from customers who have written to me about their positive experiences and how our team has helped them in a bind. Those small things keep my willpower up.

Colt Parsons, founder, Resound Partners

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How Do You Keep Up Your Willpower?Loss of willpower occurs when you forget what you set out to do or you are unable to hold on to the initial feeling that set you on your path. If you constantly remind yourself of your mission and course-correct as needed, then the fire you started stays alive. One of the core values of Azuqua is fortitude, which translates to digging in and delivering results once the direction is determined. We’ve built a team that is constantly delivering, so there is always new data to keep things fresh and help us maintain perspective.

Nikhil Hasija, CEO of Azuqua

Top of Mind: How Do You Keep Up Your Willpower?I am naturally a driven person, so willpower is at my core. I know I am driven by solving problems, so I constantly challenge myself. I create long- and short-term goals. I also set milestones and track my wins.

Amber Anderson, founder, CEO, Kayson


Top of Mind: How Do You Keep Up Your Willpower?I keep up my willpower by having a great team around me who encourages, enables, contributes and sometimes carries me through the day-to-day challenges of a startup. In addition, I try to keep myself well through nutrition, exercise and practicing belongingness, so that when I get to work, I can be as present as possible. And sometimes naps solve many of life’s problems.

Rebecca Devaney, CEO, Hunter Creative Labs

Top of Mind: How Do You Keep Up Your Willpower?My source of energy is our customer and prospect base. Our mission is to help B2B marketers connect their efforts with revenue results. This problem is a pain point for large organizations, and reconnecting with that unsolved problem in the world helps me stay motivated. Tactically, I make sure I spend a significant part of every week listening to customers and prospects.

Nadim Hossain, co-founder, CEO, BrightFunnel

How Do You Keep Up Your Willpower?I have strong willpower most of the time since I love what I do. When I’m low on energy, I take a break and recharge myself since it is important to have work-life balance. I find it’s also important to have relationships with people at work and also outside of work. Good relationships can keep you energetic and help you get through the tough times easier.

Vivian Zhang, founder, CTO of the NYC Data Science Academy

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This article originally appeared in the October 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.


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