Top of Mind: For the Good of the Community

My new favorite thing is my 10,000 gallon rainwater tank. Even with the modest rainfall in a city like Los Angeles, I¹m able to fill the tank with what I gather off my roof and hardscape then release it in the form of irrigation to all the many trees and plants on my property during the dry season.

Why send all that precious water out to the concrete-covered Los Angeles River and eventually to the sea?

Most of the water we currently use in Los Angeles comes from other parts of our state. We only exist down here because we have our straw dipped in someone else’s drink.

I¹m mimicking what nature has done for millions of years in the form of groundwater and putting it to good use in my garden.

—Ed Begley, Jr.

My town, Madison, New Jersey, recently organized a Chief Executive Council that brings together CEOs of some of the multinational and small companies in our town. The goal is to strengthen the community interaction between businesses of all sizes, local universities, schools and residents. I will add the entrepreneurial CEO voice and the “work+life” perspective as we build programs to improve collaboration and communication across the different groups. Very little of my business takes place locally, so it’s nice to have an impact close to home.

—Cali Williams Yost, CEO of Flex+Strategy Group /Work+Life Fit, Inc., author of Tweak It: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day

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