The Quality of Your Life is Determined by the Quality of Your Questions

UPDATED: May 8, 2024
PUBLISHED: February 8, 2022
The Quality of Your Life is Determined by the Quality of Your Questions

This week on SUCCESS Line, I talk to Crystal, a successful real estate agent, graduate of SUCCESS Coaching and author. 

Like many of us, Crystal’s biggest goal in life is to make an impact on everyone she meets, and she knows that one of the most powerful ways we can do that is to ask questions. But what questions should we ask? 

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself. If you find you don’t have the life you want, the very first place to start is to ask yourself better questions—ones that make you accountable for everything you are experiencing, good or bad. When we take responsibility for our situation, we are empowered to change our situation. 

If you’re not sure where to start, read on for eight of the most powerful questions you can ask. 

1. How do you plan to change what you do today in order to grow your business tomorrow?

If we constantly play catch-up, we put ourselves in the passenger seat of our own life. We are firefighting instead of strategizing, and our business will suffer for it. Get off of the sidelines and onto the offense—tomorrow starts today. 

2. What did you do today that will lead to your success? 

It is all too easy to slip into complacency when there are emails to answer and phone calls to make. This question brings us back to our long-term goals. I have it posted on my computer monitor, and if I can’t answer it at the end of the day with something specific, clear and tangible, I wasted my day. 

3. What are you learning right now?

We are often so busy dealing with the constraints of modern life that we can’t imagine making time for our own personal development. But when we stop learning, we stop growing. We have a choice in what we give energy to—choose the things that push you forward. 

4. What feeling do you wish to leave people with when they engage with you? 

Your answer to this question is the legacy you will leave. Pay attention to how you want to make people feel and bring intention to every interaction you have. 

5. What story is living in your head that causes you to doubt yourself or your ability?

This question came from Tristan Ahumada, SUCCESS People Editor and host of the Brilliant Thoughts podcast. We all have stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck—those limiting beliefs that tell us we will never achieve our goals. Identify yours and write a new story

6. Whose voice are you listening to and why? 

Serial entrepreneurs constantly compare themselves to others, looking for the magic potion that makes everyone else better, faster and smarter. But every voice you listen to counts as a vote. When you listen to too many, you end up oversaturated, overwhelmed and unable to effectively implement any of it. We have to narrow our focus. Find one or two voices you trust and who will help move you toward your goals. 

7. What are the things you’re giving your time to and how are those things serving you? 

Notice I didn’t say “taking” your time. It is not that we didn’t have time to do something, it is that we chose not to make the time. We all have time for the things we choose to make time for. Every week, audit your time—what did you give most of your time, energy and focus to, and did those things move you closer to your goal?

8. Whom do I need to become in order to attract the people I desire? 

We are our own students first. We have to look at our lives and take responsibility for where we are now, and then get clear on where we’d like to go. We will not begin to attract the people and the life we want until we take ownership of our own becoming. 

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Ben Fairfield is the Managing Director of SUCCESS Coaching & a SUCCESS Certified Coach.