The Plus Side of Google+

You may already be on Facebook and Twitter, but after a few months of existence, there are more than 90 million users on Google+. So what’s the difference and why should you care?


Here are some facts to consider from the Internet marketing company BlueGlass:

+Google+ is indexed by Google, the No. 1 search engine on the web. A page on Google+ can up your rankings in searches for your product or service.

+60 percent of Google+ users log in daily, as opposed to only 50 percent of Twitter users.

+80 percent of Google+ users log in at least once a week.


So how can you capitalize on this captive audience? Share. The key, as with most social media, is to entertain and inform with new content, sharing links, commenting on posts, etc. Here are some other fun benefits of Google+:

+Google+ allows you to create “hangouts,” which include you and a few other people, to engage in conversation, share knowledge or make sales.

+You can create and share a video or audio message with how-to advice, customer service info or testimonials from previous clients.

+Google+ groups, called circles, let you tailor your message to various audiences based on location, interest or other criteria.


Here’s a sample breakdown of a half-hour spent on Google+:

+15 minutes—Look on sites outside of Google+ for info your circles would enjoy.

+5 minutes—Share a new post.

+5 minutes—Engage in conversation on your posts.

+5 minutes—Read posts by others and comment.


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