The Musical Manifestations of Isabelle Fries and Seth Baer


PUBLISHED: January 11, 2023
The Musical Manifestations of Isabelle Fries and Seth Baer

The gift of song is a special thing to be bestowed. While millions of performers around the world rely solely on their skilled voices to get ahead in the industry, there are few that tap into the true meaning of music. Welcome to the world of successful musicians Isabelle Fries and Seth Baer. 

Fries is a notable American singer and humanitarian whose career has encompassed several triumphs as captivating as singer-songwriter Baer. He alone has rocked the music industry with his sharp business skills and powerful artistry, both of which have led to his current residency at Universal Studios. A lifelong musician, he has toured the country performing original music.

Fries’ impressive resume balances out the notoriety with her own incredible hits, such as “Just a Dreamer,” “Shine Through the Rain” and “Scrapbook.” Her award-winning tracks have garnered acclaim with eight million streams on social media and music platforms.

The dynamic pair have released the highly-anticipated new single, “I Want You For You.” This duet is their first vocal collaboration, with Baer having written several of Fries’ past hit singles. Their songs are known for their lyrics, melody and message of healing, strength and hope. The music they created together has resonated with listeners around the globe.

“Music has the power to bring people together, and this collaboration is an example,” Baer says. “This song is meaningful to us because it puts a positive message into the world about the importance of seeing people for their heart and soul, and not for their status or exterior.”

With motivating lyrics produced by Grammy-winning producer and mix engineer Rob Chiarelli, along with Nate and Kaelie Highfield, “I Want You For You” enlightens with great intent. 

The new song plays uplifting prose, such as “Wish you could see what I do. I want you for you,” which encourages unification and harmony among listeners.

“I have always wanted to show people that I am not just here to sing in front of them. I am here to inspire them and make them want to be better in everything they do in life,” Fries reflects. “The journey that I get to take them on is a trip that takes them down a road of enlightenment. My biggest hope is to show people that compassion creates a better world. You can only truly hear that message fully when your heart is open and willing to let love inside.”

The difficult task of winning over critics has been accomplished with the public support that the two performers receive daily from loyal fans. Fries is especially admired for being a singer who is simply focused on being herself—someone who is not afraid to stand up for her belief that charitable contributions and volunteer work should be applied to every aspect of one’s life.

Her music also serves as a powerful platform to help those in need across the world. Since the age of 15, Fries has frequently visited Uganda for humanitarian work. She is currently a proud board member of The Global Livingston Institute.

In 2017, while performing in Uganda for The Global Livingston Institute’s annual iKnow Concert Series, she founded and launched the Bulamu Raise Your Voice Community Foundation as a sister initiative of the institute. The foundation uses music to inspire and encourage others as they help implement sports, music and other extracurricular activities in the schools. They’re also developing better recycling programs and teaching water safety in Lake Bunyonyi. 

Together, Baer and Fries have an appealing nature and overall joyful approach to music that’s fresh and innovative. In a current world that is often full of overwhelming tumultuous darkness, they offer a source of light. 

Check out their new single carried by the label Upper Octave, Inc. “I Want You For You” can be streamed on all major music platforms.

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