The ‘I’ in Team Series Aims to Help Individuals Harness Their Business Influence


PUBLISHED: August 11, 2023
Brian Smith

In 1996, Brian S. Smith, Ph.D., who specializes in organizational psychology, founded IA Business Advisors, an advisory service that aims to help small- to mid-sized companies improve business performance and achieve success using the principles of influencer power. This process begins with IA Business Advisors utilizing its proprietary BizVision™, a data collection and organizational report, to evaluate how the people, processes and technology commingle within the business. This report is used to determine S.M.A.R.T. Management (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) tactics to guide clients when making decisions and creating policies, procedures, strategies, tactics and goals to achieve results.

Evolving through his 27 years of experience using this strategy, Smith spells out the fundamental importance of “influence” at every level for a successful business in the “I” in Team Series, which is co-authored by his daughter Mary Griffin. The two books in this series, Individual Influence: Find the “I” in Team and Positive Influence: Be the “I” in Team, explore the concept of influence in terms of business success for individuals, teams and the companies they work for. Encouraged to develop the “I” in Team Series with Griffin’s help, Smith puts down in black and white the importance of the influence of the individual to the success of their self, job and company.

Individual Influence: Find the ‘I’ in Team

Individual Influence: Find the “I” in Team explores the traits needed to be a positive and ethical leader and why these traits are essential to being a part of a successful enterprise. The sphere of influence in a day in the life of a business can include co-workers or employees, customers and the public, supervisors and stakeholders. Each position within the company, organization or enterprise has a unique and shareable sphere of influence; understanding this is paramount to success.

The book is more than a self-discovery manual. It is an easy-to-read map on how individuals can find and exhibit their best selves and influence their success, as well as the success of their family, peers, company, organization or enterprise. Using real-life experiences, Smith and Griffin share the concept of mindfully using the power of each person’s sphere of influence.

Individual Influence: Find the “I” in Team is written in a way to help readers understand the power of influence in properly delegating, holding themselves and others accountable, defining values and achieving a work/life balance that makes success rewarding and individuals prosperous.

Positive Influence: Be the ‘I’ in Team

Expanding on the role of influencer in the business world is the focus of Smith and Griffin’s second book, Positive Influence: Be the “I” in Team. The latest edition in the “I” in Team Series is full of influencer tools and DIY instructions to become a more successful person, teammate or leader.

Positive Influence: Be the “I” in Team is not an instructional textbook from a business university. Instead, Smith and Griffin offer the reader choices and explain the consequences and results of the mindful influencer.

The second “I” in Team publication is an investigative approach to the power of leadership influence. It encourages individuals in leadership roles—and those aiming for those positions—to take action, not just use words.

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