I wanted to create a post that will continue to be added to with your questions and our answers! If you don’t see your question answered please check back again! We’re also working to respond individually as well. June 16: Question from Schoenburg Are the nutrition guidelines for the 12 weeks after base camp different than the base camp guidelines? Do we go from chapter 5 to Appendix A after base camp or keep the base camp food list for the next 90 days? SP: Yes, Base Camp is a cleanse and Reboot for your body and mind. It’s about resetting the system by getting all simple sugars and other “reactive” foods out of your diet. Then the 12 weeks is a very simple, self guiding nutritional plan. Nothing erratic, nothing fancy or silly.Question from ckblay100 Do I exercise during boot camp? SP: There’s a basic, full body workout that’s done 3 times a week. You engage in a very light cardio warm-up followed by some low-intensity exercises. This is more “active rest” to help reset the body and burn off excess sugars.  You’ll also work on strengthening your body-mind connection as it relates to the basic exercise movements. Question from FKelly During these 6 days of renewal, can I have milk with my coffee? SP: Yes, just don’t have coffee with your milk! But seriously, you can do whatever you like but just know that it’s 6 short days in our Fit for Success program and only 12 short days in Strength for Life and the closer you are at this point to “ideal” the better. Question from detrasmoore I have just read Chapter 5. If I have not been following the suggested 6 day plan since today is Tuesday, should I begin on next Monday? I ask because the Reboot phase mentions that if you mess up, start over. SP: No worries… just roll. This is a “get it done” program… FIT for Success is about what works for your life and success. Thanks for diving in—you are to be recognized for that. Question from RustlerG63 So if fruits and veggies are OK, but bananas are not on the list, is it OK to eat bananas? SP: Yeah, okay… eat away. They are higher sugar than many fruits but most people’s struggles are not from too many bananas. Question from WillBritton If we’re going through the reboot in six days, what do we do on Day 7 (Sunday), before receiving the next blog post on Monday? SP: Nothing… enjoy! Question from swede00 I am currently reading the book and it seems a lot of attention is placed on intensified focus during the workouts. In the past I have listened to music during my workouts to help motivate me, given the amount of concentration and focus needed for the upcoming workouts ahead, do you feel like music is a distraction? I am sure it boils down to personal preference, but focus seems to be one of the things that sets this program apart and I would like to get Shawn’s take on what he does as part of his routine. Sp: Try going without the music until you get the rhythm of FIT… it’ll retrain a deeper state of focus and intensity and then bring the music back in. I talk in detail about this blend in the book. Question from crewchief I think I’m in trouble because I already get enough exercise. I am a mailman and walk carrying weight 6 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week regardless of the weather. The other 2 or 3 hours per day is spent lifting twisting, and stretching. I don’t have a weight problem because I am 5′ 7″ have a 40 inch chest and 30 inch waist. But did I mention that I’m 61 years old. My problem is that I get home exhausted with my muscles and joints hurting. I am hoping to find an answer to my after work pain and energy levels. Any hope? I can’t do more exercise. SP: Ah, yes… no, not more exercise. More intensity, less duration would do you well but that’s another story. Great stats—That’s good news. I would not shy away from having you engage in strength specific training for one to two short sessions per week though, as the extended duration can really break you down rather than build you up. So, that’s one thing. But muscles and joints hurting I understand and not getting any younger as well. So my focus for you is nutrition related. The quality of your nutritional intake can make all the difference in energy and joint pain. Choose to eat food that is best for you—foods that give you authentic energy and strength. Lifestyle is the issue…and I’d also take a good look at what the chronic work might be doing to your body from the inside; much more complex but worth considering alternative care doctors who can support your optimal wellness. Too often times people get caught up in only the cholesterol reading in blood panels, but be sure to have your thyroid, insulin and other critical measurements reviewed. As a man, be sure to check-in with your testosterone readings too. Question from SmittyDidIt If you had to choose one thing that might – might – ensure our efforts are successful: work, eats, vision… which would it be? SP: Oh my, you’re not actually forcing me to make a choice, are you? Let’s see… what’s the most important thing in creating a successful business? Marketing, product, team, vision? I’m sure you get the point. It’s not the ONE THING it’s the EVERYTHING. That said, vision & goals empower your ability to eat well and train. Your training reinforces eating well and fuels vision and goals (feedback). Your eating well energizes your body for training, makes you more likely to train and keeps you making positive progress towards goals/vision. So, if you had to choose ONE I’d just choose them all. Question from renogal_04 Okay, I feel like I am eating way too much, but my portion sizes seem normal. (1/2 sweet potato, 2 eggs, 1 cup of fruit, coffee, water) I just feel so full, even three hours later I really don’t want to eat again. Will it throw off my metabolism to wait 4-5 hours, until I feel hungry? I can’t believe the sweetness in some fruits are not off-limits. Is it really okay to eat coconut milk, mangos, bananas? Are any fruits “bad”? SP: Great Q! I always feel like I’m eating too much when I start into a Transformation program for what happens is entropy. We / I stop eating enough of the vibrant life enhancing foods and gradually allow small junk pockets to slip in. Try to stick with the 3 hours schedule and see if your body doesn’t respond quickly. It usually takes a few weeks or less before I am hungry every 3 hours—which is ideal. If you have to go to 4 do it or better yet, cut down the food a little. It’s really likely because you’ve been attempting to starve weight off rather than burn it off by upping the body’s metabolism. As for fruits, really no bad fruits, only bad amounts. Certainly bananas are not as prime for weight loss as an apple but at this point you’re splitting hairs. Few of us are suffering because we are eating TOO much fruit. Sure you can agree on that. As for Coconut milk… is it really a fruit? What? It’s a drink that is 99% of the time coconut milk, water and sugar and sugar. Funny thing is if you look at “light coconut milk” it’s the same as regular with three times as much water. Nice, huh? Just don’t drink it unless you are drinking pure coconut milk or water, which means you likely cracked it yourself. Question from Gail I just joined the group, do I try to catch up or what do you suggest? I would like to participate in the 90 day challenge, can I still do that even if I didn’t start June 1? Yikes I just downloaded the forms…the photo one is a little frightening. SP:  Please don’t feel frightened by the before photo—in fact on Day 90 you may really appreciate having taken it—a great reference point.  I think you should start with the 6 day Reboot unless you feel ready to roll. It’s a great way to invigorate the body. Follow along as you desire. The Fit for Success program is a practice of goal setting and attainment with Fitness as part of the practice. But it’s all up to you… your goals, your challenge. I look forward to hearing from you again as the program unfolds. Question from Suechris Are step ups (stepping up on a 10 inch high step with weights) a good substitute for lunges? I just can’t do lunges anymore. Regular squats, sumo squats and side lunges are good. Are there any other suggestions for a substitution for lunges? SP: Yes, step ups are good. I like them, but for the purposes of Strength for Life I didn’t want to complicate the exercises with additional equipment—so the program calls for basic dumbbells and a bench. Lunges work nicely with the program as they are basic, simple. I have an exchange chart in the book which guides on you on optional exercises, and such. Regular squats are a great alternative as are Bulgarian Split Squats, just not ideal for everyone. IF you can, do! Question from Kat Does anyone know what Shawn recommends for cardio workouts, how often and how long? SP: For the purpose of Transformation, I recommend a twenty minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session. The 20 minute cardio workout starts with a warm-up of about 3 minutes, then alternating minutes of high intensity with a lower intensity for 15 minutes, followed by a 2 minute cool down (HIIT Tracker). This works well for indoor cycling, elliptical, stair climbers and the like. Take it outside to a track, field or stairs at a local venue. HIIT is certainly not the only way, but this type of training is designed to keep you from cannibalizing the lean muscle you will be building during your strength training sessions. What’s probably most important is that you pick what works in your life, stick to it, and ensure you’re going hard enough. DO NOT try and do it on cardio alone. Posted on June 5: Several of you asked: Is it necessary to have your book in hand to complete the 90-Day FIT for SUCCESS Challenge? No, it’s not necessary. It’s supportive, and a timeless body of fitness and nutritional wisdom, but it’s not required. Are there suggestions for proper eating habits. Yes, we’re just getting started, and we’re focused on results. Step one is visualizing what you want to create, how you want to “be” at the end of this 90-day event. Eating—your nutrition—is vitally important to your fitness, wellness and energy. So stand by as I begin to share the simple ways in which you can change the way you eat for life—not by dieting but by training your nutritional freedom. Are there videos, or preferably, diagrams, of the daily exercises so I can have them beside me when exercising? Excellent ones are in the book. In addition, I am working to get access to the images for you online, to download and print. I didn’t know ahead of time that I would need an accountability team. Is it too late to ask others to join the Challenge? It’s never too late to ask someone to join you in fitness or to make yourself accountable to someone! Question from yehudit45 Does anyone know if the Full Strength is kosher? You know, that’s a darn good question. It currently is not. So go with your best Kosher options if need be. You don’t have to enjoy Full Strength to get FIT for SUCCESS, but if you’re interested in learning about the clinical benefits, check out the Oklahoma University Study results. Question from Biggdaddymo I would like to know what Shawn recommends to use in place of the Premium Shakes. I’m thinking about putting together my own snack that comes close to the nutritional guidelines of the shakes. Creating your own nutrition shake sounds like it’s a great idea for you. In Strength for LIFE I’m really helping you to eat the way that’s best for you. It’s not about “my way or the highway.” It’s your call. Question from Cjohn I have allergies to whey protein and have not found a protein shake that I can drink safely. So I make my own with soy milk, and fruit, and eat a hard-boiled egg white along with it. For work I mix it in the morning and take it with me for the afternoon. Soy milk is good, not great. Mix in with almond milk too—unsweetened. My son is deathly allergic to all dairy so I know what you mean about allergies. Eggs are great but don’t eat only whites—add one yolk for every 3 whites to get the nutrients and fats. There’s a lot of good in the yolk and it’s not a cholesterol risk, directly, as we once believed. There are some good sources of proteins that are vegan too, such as hemp seed and chickpea. Question from Msawdon Are there exercises that match to the Total Gym? Yes, here you go: Lift the Total Gym, all of it, high in the air 3-4 times and then heave it into the Dumpster. No… only kidding. If it works, work it. It’s your call how you train and I would suggest you take the TG manual and just replace exercise for exercise on the target muscle, follow something close to the S4L sets / reps and most certainly incorporate the FIT practice for total muscle focus. Especially by practicing FIT, you’ll find the TG works just fine and dandy. Question from Symmie I understand through reading the Chapter 5 PDF about bread, alcohol, fast-food, refined sugar and dairy, but would like to know if there are other restrictions (i.e., salt). Thanks for reading through Chapter 5. I’m honored and appreciate your time and attention. And hey, if you want to include other restrictions, go ahead. You can restrict salt, if you want, even pepper if that works. Just don’t restrict water. OK? Really, salt is your call. It’s something some people are required to restrict, but much more as a medical issue than a fitness-related issue. It’s really up to you. Question from BobbieJ Can anyone tell me where you’re finding the nutritional plan? Also, I work 12-hour night shifts, 7p-7a. Is this program designed around a schedule like that? Wow… now that’s a hero shift. Impressive. Now, I have to admit I didn’t plan the program around the 12-hour night shift. While I’m sure that would be a great niche, it’s just not an all that common challenge! But then again, the Strength for LIFE plan is a basic set of guidelines that will fit into any schedule, day or night. Doesn’t matter… plus, it’s really designed to help you be the ultimate creator of your nutritional life. As I say, it’s not about a diet for life but a lifestyle that energizes and elevates your life. In summary, simple, simple… eat healthy, balanced, meals that center around a sound source of protein. Eat three of these intelligent meals a day and two smaller, still balanced meals–aka snack size. Don’t snack and don’t eat/drink carbs (energy drinks, sodas—empty-calorie beverages) between meals. And whatever you do, do NOT skip meals or starve your body-mind. Think Nutrition Rich meals… Shawn


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