The Entrepreneur’s Map to Monumental Growth with Korie Minkus


PUBLISHED: August 15, 2022
The Entrepreneur's Map to Monumental Growth with Korie Minkus

The way ahead is often a dynamic one. And whether you’re launching a new product or scaling your existing business, that way can also be mystifying as it reveals itself. Korie Minkus, CEO of Rock Your Product, is no stranger to navigating these crossroads. She has helped thousands of clients map out strategies that reach customers, increase market share and ultimately create legacy brands. Known as the expansion machine, Minkus’ blend of acumen and interpersonal wisdom reveals roads you’ve only dreamt of.

As an entrepreneur, the buck stops with you. You could be trying to bring a product to market or striving to scale your business exponentially—there are thousands of decisions that you’ll have to make along the way. How do we evolve a new niche, develop a successful marketing strategy  and become profitable? How can we avoid the landmines that create roadblocks from concept to success? How can we be category leaders and design incremental growth for distribution partners? You may be the one walking these crossroads, but what if there was someone who could help you draw a map?

The Entrepreneur's Map to Monumental Growth with Korie Minkus

Minkus is just the business cartographer for the job. Minkus is a former Fortune 500 consumer products executive, global brand strategist, international speaker and No. 1 best-selling author who brings knowledge, clarity and results. Featured in more than 40 media outlets, USA Today, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Conde Nast, CNBC and more, Minkus has generated billions in revenue, launched hundreds of products, and has scaled well-recognized brands globally during her 30-plus years in consumer goods.

Her clients, including CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs of both emerging and legacy brands, reap the rewards of industry-specific strategies that have separated them from the pack.

“There’s a lot of ways to make money in your business,” Minkus says. “But business owners often get focused on one channel of distribution and end up stuck—when there’s an entire world of ways to get your product and yourself to the market.”

It’s freeing to see the plan as open as it truly is, though at first we may feel daunted. For every opportunity to get to market, scale and pursue monumental growth, we have to decode the differentiator that will waypoint us to our customers and synergize with the rest of our business. The trick is not just to come up with solutions, but to design the most direct path for outcome and success. A proper analysis will come when you turn to an adviser with the experience to view decisions from multiple vantage points.

“Too many entrepreneurs are getting tripped up at their own cost,” Minkus says. “Without experience in the process, there’s no real clarity on how to get through to the next thing. An adviser can get you to the end faster, because they’ll unlock all of the business acumen and skills you need to get answers and make decisions quickly.”

Clients of Minkus—known as a hustler through and through—understand the integral role a business adviser can play in the journey of an entrepreneur. Finding Minkus fiercely dedicated, solutions-driven, and genuinely incisive, they’re able to lay out the field as they see it so Minkus can unearth the potential they’ve been missing.

“A lot of people go into business thinking they have to do it alone,” Minkus says. “They feel they need to gather the experience all by themselves. Growing a sustainable business and a legacy brand means understanding you need to find good partners and collaborators.”

Collaboration is central to the work that Minkus does. When clients come to Rock Your Product for help, much of the appeal is in the global strategist’s leading proprietary growth system: flowing from efficiencies in sourcing to enhancing the customer experience into one that produces raving fans. There is a mapped-out flow from foundation to business leadership that has allowed Minkus’ clients to create real market share impact. The strategist has developed this framework out of her experience and decoded success across a wide myriad of consumer products industries. She is best known for her ability to uniquely tailor each client’s needs and goals with great care in the company of her leadership.

The result is a revealing and transformative back-and-forth. Along with business acumen, strategizing and knowing the numbers, clients find a refreshing dose of high-performance mindset training that offers fuel when it comes time to walk the trail set forth.

Minkus recently co-authored a book with two of her supportive business collaborators, Ashley Black and Lisa Vrancken. Be… From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity was a No.1 best-seller overnight and a testament to Minkus’ holistic approach to business.

Minkus knows business because, first-and-foremost, she knows people. “People don’t buy products, people don’t buy businesses—people buy people,” she says.

If you’re trying to get to the heart of how to rock your product, it starts with you. Having sound advice, the motivation of accountability and a logical plan for progression is the map that will allow you to walk forward with the same confidence that the strategist and best-selling author takes to every challenge she encounters.

So, where will this map lead you?

“When I help a business scale and achieve market growth and financial freedom, I’m proud—not only of the product’s success, but of the people’s success,” Minkus says. “When my clients exit my practice, they are riding off into the sunset as better entrepreneurs who are more confident in their decision-making process and who understand their ability to influence the world.”

Showing others the way to impact and legacy, Korie Minkus has indeed discovered her own.

Your map to your business’ lasting legacy wants to be drawn. That all begins by reaching out to Korie Minkus through [email protected] or Rock Your Product’s website.

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