TED Talks: ‘Success Is a Continuous Journey’

For years, there has been a huge magnifying glass on how to reach success. Everyone wants to know the latest tips and tricks on how to get there. But when you finally get to the top, how do you stay there?

If success is a perceivable destination in your mind, almost like a set of coordinates signaling the end of a road trip, you might be going about success the wrong way. In this TED Talk, success analyst Richard St. John shares what success really is—and how to keep it.

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“Reaching success, I worked hard, I pushed myself,” he says. “But then I stopped, because I figured, ‘Oh, you know, I made it. I can just sit back and relax.’ ”

But when St. John’s business hit rock bottom, he had to shift his mindset. He started from the beginning, going back to the eight principles that led to his success:

“I learned that success isn”t a one-way street… And if we want to avoid “success-to-failure-syndrome, we just keep following these eight principles, because that is not only how we achieve success, it”s how we sustain it.”

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