Start Small Win Big Challenge 2012 Call for Essays

Don’t forget this Monday, April 30 Monday, May 7 is the final deadline to submit your essay form for the Start Small Win Big entrepreneurial challenge. Visit for the essay submission form.

You could win lunch and personal coaching sessions with Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson and SUCCESS Publisher Darren Hardy! Plus, you could be featured in SUCCESS magazine, win one year of free online payroll service from SurePayroll, Intuit GoPayment credit card processing for your first $50,000 in sales and a yearlong Constant Contact account for up to 10,000 contacts!

Review steps 1-4 in this blog post.

Week 5: Feb. 20 | Theme: Know Who You’re Targeting

This week’s newsletter asks you to review your marketing strategy and pinpoint who your customer really is. On the blog, we asked you to answer these questions:

  • Where do your customers hang out during the week or on weekends?
  • What clubs, organizations or online communities do they belong to?
  • Where are they hearing about your competitors’ offerings?

Week 6: Feb. 27 | Theme: Create a Top-50 List

The Start Small Win Big newsletter gives you a hefty homework assignment: Think of 50 customers or individuals you’d like to do business with. The blog asks you to think along these lines for finding those all-important 50:

  • Who do I want to get to know?
  • Who would I like to know about my products and services?
  • Who do I believe would benefit greatly from my newest offering?
  • Who would be an ideal client?

Week 7: Mar. 5 | Theme: Change Your Environment

The week 7 newsletter is a fun one this week, asking you to get creative about your work space. Think how you can improve your productivity by improving your environment. The corresponding blog post offers visual inspiration to getting to work on your dream office.

Week 8: Mar. 12 | Theme: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

This week’s newsletter borrows inspiration by the ultimate innovator, Steve Jobs. The late Jobs was particularly fond of this Picasso quote: “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”  What best practices from your competitors can you borrow and make your own? On the SUCCESS blog, we give specific best practices to look for on Twitter and Facebook.

Brush up on all12 steps by reading these articles written by Tory Johnson in the:

What questions do you have? Ask the editors (who also happen to be the judges) here on the SUCCESS Blog.


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