Start Small Win Big 2012: Your Wk 6 Action Plan

Your Week 6 Action Plan

For Week 6 (Feb. 27), read the March 2012 issue for Step 6: Create a Top 50 List. Then check your inbox for the Feb. 27 Start Small Win Big newsletter.

This week’s assignment is about making your list of top 50 sales prospects or people you’d like to do business with.

•  Who do I want to get to know?
•  Who would I like to know about my products and services?
•  Who do I believe would benefit greatly from my newest offering?
•  Who would be an ideal client?

Fifty is a lot, we know, so just start by naming five people who you’d love to know about your business.

COMMENT below with your answers and find inspiration from others.


Tory Johnson is CEO and founder of Spark & Hustle, a weekly contributor on ABC's Good Morning America and a contributing editor of SUCCESS magazine.

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