Six More Ways to Save Money

Don’t clip coupons. You should still use them, but you don’t actually have to clip them anymore. Subscribe to mobile coupons via text or send to your store loyalty card automatically. Electronic coupons exist for everything from Target, Bath & Body Works, Redbox to manufacturer coupons redeemable at grocery stores.

When shopping deal-of-the-day sites, be sure to put the voucher’s expiration date on your calendar. As many as 30 percent of daily deals from Groupon, Living Social and the like expire unredeemed, so don’t let them. Or just throw $20 away now. Either way.

Don’t pay for photo prints. Online photo retailers like Snapfish, Shutterfly and Kodak offer periodic free prints to their email subscribers. Gather your digital images and wait for a sale.

With gas prices up again, use smartphone apps such as Gas Buddy or Cheap Gas! for tracking gas prices. Don’t forget about grocery store loyalty programs that offer up to 10 cents off a gallon.

Speaking of gas, fill up in the morning. The cooler the fuel, the more density it has. Afternoon temperatures cause fuel to expand, so the gallon you’re pumping really isn’t a whole gallon, but just a smidgeon less.

Use loyalty reward programs. If you’re already drinking soft drinks, using diapers or smoking cigarettes, you might as well collect the points you earn for purchasing them.

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Journalist, podcaster and southpaw Shelby Skrhak is the former director of digital content and social media for Before joining SUCCESS magazine, Shelby launched the weekly suburban newspaper Plano Insider, and covered topics ranging from cops and courts to transportation and fashion. Her handwriting should be a font.

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