Signs That You Matter at Work

UPDATED: October 11, 2015
PUBLISHED: May 15, 2015

Tucked inside a copy of People Over Profit there are three things: A press release about the book’s May 2015 release, small square stickers that read “People over profit!” and a pale green postcard that reads “We believe valuing people over profit makes you more profitable.” We is author Dale Partridge, who—like TOMS’ Blake Mycoskie, who wrote the book’s foreword—is part of the conscious capitalism movement as the co-founder of the “cause” fashion site Sevenly. In this excerpt, Partridge explains how employee morale is directly related to a company’s health and shares the impressive employee perks enjoyed by Clif Bar team members:

If employee morale falls, the company is not far behind.

Are those who work with you tired and overworked or excited and stimulated? Are they undercompensated or financially validated? Are they encouraged to think differently and dream big or check off a task list and punch a clock? Are they in the loop about the direction the organization is moving or kept on a need-to-know basis? Do they feel like cogs in a machine or integral partners in pursuit of a greater mission?

The answer to these questions will reveal whether or not a company believes their team members matter.

Companies who live by this belief maintain a high level of communication with every layer of their teams. They encourage employees to be themselves and work within their natural talents and passions. Team members are provided ways to develop and grow and advance, and don’t feel weighed down with complex or meaningless rules and policies. Those who work for “people-matter” organizations are often proud of it. They wear clothes or carry coffee mugs with their company logo, and they brag to their friends about where they work. If team members matter, team members know they matter.

Do you want to see a company that values its employees? Look no further than Clif Bar, maker of tasty treats made with high-quality natural ingredients. Founded in 1992, the company now has 300 employees who rave about where they work. A few years ago, Clif Bar moved to a new set of digs complete with four wide-open gardens, a fleet of loaner bikes available for running errands, and a fitness center with a climbing wall, yoga room, two massage rooms, and free access to five personal trainers and nutritionists. Employees get two and a half hours of paid gym time per week.

Clif Bar’s perks don’t stop there. Every employee gets a $350 stipend for entering races and competitions and $1,000 per year for eco-conscious home improvements. Each week, there is a company-wide breakfast with free food where a Clif Bar fan letter is read. They can choose from several flexible work options to fit their unique schedules, and after seven years of service, they are given a six- to eight-week sabbatical. Oh, and if you love your golden retriever, don’t worry. The office is dog friendly, too.

Do you think the Clif Bar team members know they matter?


Excerpted from People Over Profit: Break the System. Live with Purpose. Be More Successful. by Dale Partridge (© 2015 HarperCollins/Thomas Nelson)

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Dale Partridge is the author of People Over Profit: Break the System. Live with Purpose. Be More Successful. He is a social entrepreneur and founder of and Described as “a mind who feels the trends before market,” Partridge teaches leaders and organizations how to position their brand, love their people, and develop profitable corporate social responsibility programs. He’s been featured in various business publications, including on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine, Fox News, NBC, Inc. magazine, Mashable, MSN Money, Forbes and the Los Angeles Times. Partridge resides in Bend, Oregon.