Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Small-business owners in the market for office space can now sign lease agreements on the spot with an iPad or smartphone, and even debit their bank accounts for the security deposit. Electronic signatures are the present and the future of small business.

“By the second half of this decade, the vast majority of signatures are going to be electronic,” says DocuSign Chairman/CEO Keith Krach. "A couple of taps on your iPhone and you're done!" The San Francisco-based software company provides electronic signatures and competes with Assuresign, DocVerify and Adobe's Echosign. The National Association of Realtors, PayPal and Angie's List have been early adopters of secure electronic signatures, but Krach says small businesses can particularly benefit from this technology.

SUCCESS: Even though DocuSign has more than 27 million customers, it is still new to many small-business owners and entrepreneurs. Give them your elevator speech.

Krach:DocuSign is the global standard for electronic signature. With DocuSign you eliminate the hassles, costs and lack of security associated with printing, scanning, faxing or overnighting documents for signatures. It helps companies securely collect information and payments, and automates data workflow. We empower anyone to sign anything, anywhere, anytime, on any device.”

SUCCESS: Technology can be intimidating, especially when it comes to using it to sign contracts and legal documents. How do you address the anxieties of business owners who still sign with pen and ink?

Krach: “It is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. If you can work on an iPhone or Android and work on apps you could do this. DocuSign authenticates users on the front end and encrypts every document to ensure the data is safe. We encrypt and store the documents safely and securely in the Cloud and password protect that for any Internet device."

SUCCESS: How might DocuSign simplify global expansion for companies that thought it too cumbersome in the past?

Krach: “An entrepreneur in Indiana can send something over to the Netherlands and it can be signed and sent back right away. We have customers like HP who are deploying it to all 250,000 employees around the world. For these multinationals that have a lot of entrepreneurial, small-business suppliers and dealers, it is a great resource. It takes all the hassles out of it. It’s really easy and fast. You don’t have to be worried about sending an international FedEx anymore.”

SUCCESS: Mobility is a powerful business tool for entrepreneurs. How do you see DocuSign Ink mobile app increasing the productivity of startup entrepreneurial businesses?

Krach: “DocuSign Ink mobile app allows businesses to send or sign from anywhere. I sign all my documents from my mobile phone. We’re finding out that now 50% of signing is done on mobile devices. With DocuSign ink, rather than closing a deal with a handshake and sending the documents later, startups or entrepreneurs can just hand the customer an iPad or iPhone and he can sign right there.”


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