Said Shiripour’s Journey From Engineering Student to SaaS Entrepreneur


PUBLISHED: November 28, 2023
Said Shiripour founder of EZFunnels and The Stray Dogs Center sitting on a beach looking out toward the sea

The entrepreneurial tapestry is woven with tales of perseverance, ingenuity and, sometimes, sheer serendipity. Within this rich tableau lies the story of Said Shiripour, whose trajectory from student to digital magnate reflects what can be achieved when passion meets purpose.

The alluring call of the digital frontier

In 2011, Shiripour was deeply engrossed in studying IT engineering at Technical University of Kaiserslautern in Germany. To others, his future seemed set, but his path took a unique turn when he discovered a passion for online marketing. This newfound interest captivated Shiripour, leading him to abandon the conventional academic route and delve deeper into the digital marketing world. He took the leap so he could fully commit to the work he loves—a decision that ended up becoming a significant turning point in his life.

When Shiripour first started pursuing his passion, he didn’t have specialized knowledge in the field and faced financial constraints. Transitioning from his academic studies to a new domain meant he had to rapidly acquire expertise in online marketing—a task made more daunting by the lack of formal education in this area. Additionally, financial limitations posed a significant hurdle for Shiripour, as he needed to invest in tools and resources essential for establishing and growing his business in a competitive digital landscape.

Shiripour immersed himself in learning the intricacies of the digital marketing landscape, dedicating his time and energy to understanding and mastering the field. His efforts eventually paid off. The entrepreneur found success tailoring digital courses—covering themes like online marketing, sales and conversion optimization—to the German-speaking world. Clients have utilized his insights to shape their own online success stories. This customer base of more than 100,000 has translated into over $60 million in sales for Shiripour.

Expanding to SaaS and beyond

Digital courses were Shiripour’s introduction to the entrepreneurial world, but he didn’t stop there. He forayed into the SaaS domain through his creation of EZFunnels—a software tool that simplifies the development and management of sales funnels for online businesses and aims to help its users efficiently generate and manage leads. According to Shiripour, the earnings EZFunnels has garnered for its agency clients have topped $32 million. This milestone gained the attention of Najd Ventures Equity Group, a Saudi Arabian private equity firm that recently acquired the software company for $21.6 million.

The businessman has also explored the world of philanthropy through contributions to organizations such as orphanages in Thailand and the Stray Dogs Center in the UAE, which underscore his commitment to making the world a better place.

Shiripour considers his journey from studying in Kaiserslautern to making waves in the online marketing world to be more than just a success story. In his eyes, his life is an illustration of what determination and innovation can accomplish, showing that the traditional approach to education and career is not the only way to achieve one’s dreams. He hopes his achievements are a testament to a life lived fully with purpose and passion for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

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