Reading List: Your Network Is Your Net Worth

UPDATED: May 22, 2023
PUBLISHED: June 29, 2013

Your social capital is the most important asset in your portfolio, says Porter Gale. The author, an entrepreneur and blogger, defines social capital as your ability to cultivate and curate an authentic network of personal and professional relationships both online and off. Gale saw the potential and ripple effects of genuine networking during her four-year stint as vice president of marketing for Virgin America. She learned that relationships that focus on “shared values and mutual interest” bring the highest return on investment. She rightly points out that utilizing your network fully and fruitfully takes effort, practice, self-promotion and a willingness to give in order to get back. Your Network Is Your Net Worth includes case studies, advice and innovative strategies on increasing your social capital. With so many new ways to do it, the book, a handbook on Gale's networking model of focusing on your passions, provides vital information on how to network in efficient, focused and fun ways in today's evolving business world. By following the advice for finding lasting connections, you will be able to increase your happiness and productivity–all around success.

by Porter Gale


Atria Books, $25