Reading List: The Unstoppables

UPDATED: May 22, 2023
PUBLISHED: April 24, 2013

By Bill Schley

Wiley; $24.95

With wit, a fondness for simple solutions and a unique take on the art and power of entrepreneurship, Bill Schley, an expert on communicating through marketing and branding, has written a lucid, knowledgeable and unfussy briefing book for budding and slightly seasoned entrepreneurs that celebrates action over theory. The branding guru and president of BrandTeamSix coaches readers on the essential elements of a startup, from identifying a marketplace need (“good small ideas with few moving parts”) to testing the viability of an idea or product, to coming up with a name, tag line and branding strategy, and everything in between. He is always thinking about two things: the big picture, or the essence, and the little picture, or the essentials, of a business or organization. Both play vital roles in the success of a leader and his or her company. While reading The UnStoppables doesn’t guarantee a successful venture as an entrepreneur, it just might make you feel unstoppable. So, go, read the book and embrace that feeling of power and optimism. And you might just pull off the launch of your startup or breathe new life into your existing business.