Reading List: The Power of I Am

UPDATED: October 17, 2015
PUBLISHED: October 17, 2015

Changing your mindset and inviting good things into your life can start with the words “I am,” Joel Osteen writes. But it’s the words that follow—positive or negative—that can bring consequences or blessings, says the best-selling author and pastor. “Whatever follows the words ‘I am’ will always come looking for you,” he says.

In The Power of I Am, Osteen discourages even offhand remarks such as “I’m so clumsy” or “I am stupid.” Instead he suggests reciting positive affirmations throughout the day—for instance, “I am strong,” “I am talented” or “I am healthy”—to encourage the traits and advantages you seek, and he offers ideas for discovering those you already possess.

Osteen backs up his message with biblical passages and numerous examples of people who changed their lives for the better by following this seemingly simple advice.

By Joel Osteen
October; FaithWords; $20