Reading List: The Manager and the Monk

UPDATED: May 22, 2023
PUBLISHED: May 25, 2013

By Jochen Zeitz and Anselm Grün



Jossey-Bass; $26.95

Do core values stand a chance in business? How much consideration and empathy can a manager afford to show? What do money and success mean to us? Those were a few of the questions that Jochen Zeitz and Anselm Grün tackled the first time they met in 2008 to discuss their views onstage in front of an audience. Grün, the monk, represented a spiritual life, while Zeitz, the manager, personified business and financial success. Despite their different lifestyles, the pair discovered common ground and kindred interests. Out of that first dialogue, a friendship blossomed between Zeitz, the former CEO of Puma, and Grün, a prolific author and the business manager of Germany’s Münsterschwarzach Abbey. The friendship and conversation between them has continued. Zeitz eventually spent time at the monastery; Grün took to reading about the business world beyond the monastery walls. The Manager and the Monk is a compilation of their ongoing discussions about life, spirituality, management, business and success. Despite occasional scholarly sermons, the book reassures and awakens readers to life and business choices that celebrate generosity, honesty and authenticity.

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