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UPDATED: October 25, 2014
PUBLISHED: October 25, 2014

Sgt. Jake Wood served four years in the Marines, including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it wasn’t until the former sniper and decorated soldier left the military in 2009 that he decided to form an “army” of his own, one able to rapidly deploy to natural-disaster zones to swiftly and efficiently set up aid and relief pipelines. The following year, he co-founded the nonprofit disaster relief organization Team Rubicon, enlisting veterans and first responders as well as volunteers whose military training makes them especially well-suited to working in chaotic situations.

Wood relates that his military experience taught him valuable lessons about taking command and staying calm in a crisis but confesses that his leadership skills as Rubicon CEO continue to evolve. In each chapter, Wood tackles a leadership principle or strategy (establish transparency, demand accountability, turn observations into an intelligence picture, know and accept your risks) and explains how to apply it to life and business. He’s adept at translating military tactics to civilian life while holding readers’ attention with stories from his tours of duty. Each chapter ends with a “Mission Brief” that succinctly explains the important takeaways.

Take Command is a well-written, well-organized book that offers a novel approach to the art of leadership.

by Jake Wood

Crown Business; $25

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