Reading List: Mind Gym

UPDATED: October 11, 2014
PUBLISHED: October 11, 2014

How we interpret the world around us has an “enormous effect on how fortunate or unfortunate you are,” write Sebastian Bailey and Octavius Black, the co-founders of Mind Gym, an international firm that teaches people the art of using their minds more effectively and productively. To prove the value of thinking differently, the authors present the most recent research on the science of success and fulfillment along with a smorgasbord of tools and exercises to help readers conquer their inner critics, repel their insecurities and jump over common mental hurdles.

While anyone familiar with self-help books will recognize many of the pitfalls that Bailey and Black examine: negative thinking, fear of failure, procrastination, dealing with difficult people, avoidance of uncomfortable situations. But the duo tweaks the information and solutions just enough to keep us engaged and to motivate us to try the Mind Gym regimen.

As the writers point out in Mind Gym, it’s never too late to retrain your brain and transform your life.

by Sebastian Bailey, Ph.D., and Octavius Black

HarperOne; $26.99

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