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Peter Himmelman is minor rock royalty—a Grammy and Emmy nominee and the son-in-law of Bob Dylan. He’s also the founder of Big Muse, a firm that teaches creativity to outfits such as Gap, Adobe, the Wharton School and the Ross School of Business. His approach to creativity is refreshingly counterintuitive.

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“I always hear people say if you want it, ‘just do it’—as if just doing it were the most natural thing in the universe.” Just doing it is challenging when your inner critic says don’t. But that voice must have a positive function, Himmelman reasons, “because everyone I’ve ever met has got the same voice inside.” Using science-based exercises and techniques developed in his music career, Himmelman promises to reduce the fear that stifles creativity, and shows how to bring intimidating projects to completion and take ideas from your head into the real world.

Let Me Out
By Peter Himmelman
October; TarcherPerigee; $23


This article originally appeared in the October 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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