Reading List: Dream Year

UPDATED: August 30, 2014
PUBLISHED: August 30, 2014

Sixty-six percent of Americans hate their jobs. Are you part of that statistic? Ben Arment, founder of the coaching organization Dream Year, wants to help you reinvent your life and launch your dream career.

Frustration is the accelerant that sparks our creative fires and motivates us to realize our entrepreneurial dreams, asserts Arment.

According to Arment, innovation happens when frustration leads to an unconventional way to solve a problem; he illustrates that point with businesses such as Zipcar and Open Table. Arment helps readers identify and hone entrepreneurial ideas, ultimately turning them into fulfilling, exciting and financially rewarding enterprises.

While Dream Year isn’t a month-by-month planner (and Arment does not spell out the specifics of writing a business plan or presenting to investors), he does offer important advice on everything from launching to scaling up, to building your brand. The one-time preacher has an easygoing, affable style and plenty of counsel to inspire, motivate and ground readers.

by Ben Arment

Portfolio/Penguin; $27.95

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