Reading List: Business Without the Bullsh*t

UPDATED: May 28, 2014
PUBLISHED: May 28, 2014 blogger Geoffrey James offers practical approaches to cut through the froth, falsehood and malevolence that often seep into business interactions. Divided into seven parts, each containing seven secrets, Business Without the Bullsh*t tackles topics such as handling unreasonable requests, achieving career security and dealing with the 10 types of annoying co-workers.

In Part VII, “How to cope with evil,” James reveals strategies for handling dirty office politics, spotting office lies and identifying the most common lies that bosses tell. While James’ advice is smart and straightforward, it’s not completely risk-free. He admits that calling out your boss about his or her bad behavior may lead to a less-than-pleasant result.

James has written a helpful guide to successfully ask for a raise; improve communication, management and people skills; avoid problems; and improve your work and home life.

With his secrets and shortcuts, you’ll learn how to clear the clutter from your life and get straight to that success you’ve been looking for.

by Geoffrey James

Business Plus; $27

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