Pursue Your Purpose and Ignore the Haters with Grace Valentine

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We’ll always run into those who doubt or shame us for the path we’ve chosen—but we must be cognizant of how much space and energy we’re giving to those opinions. This week, author Grace Valentine tells In the Details host Karen Allen about how she broke free from feeling as though she wasn’t enough, and how she pursued her purpose and faith in spite of the criticism.

Valentine has always loved writing, but it wasn’t until she stopped allowing herself to focus on pleasing other people that she truly settled into it as a career. Now, her third book, What Will They Think, focuses on both overcoming the need for others’ approval and sharing the stories of women from the Bible—women whose stories she never heard in church. In this episode, Valentine discusses the benefits of feeling seen, how to connect with yourself and your beliefs, and the importance of religion in her life and writing.

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