Pete Kusiak: Redefining Workplace Environments With the ‘Fun First Strategy’


PUBLISHED: February 19, 2024
Pete Kusiak

In this modern, fast-paced and high-pressure business world, it’s easy for corporate culture to become an endless grind, capable of stripping away your individuality and tearing out any semblance of happiness. Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, there is a reality where employees can be free from the shackles of traditional business practices and where companies champion creativity, productivity and enthusiasm.

No one knows this better than Pete Kusiak, an author and founder of the Fun First Strategy. He says he has been living out his ideology for many years.

Mastering life and business

As an adoring husband, devoted father of four, marathon runner and self-proclaimed mai tai connoisseur, Kusiak pursues a lifestyle that celebrates the combination of hard work and lively entertainment. With almost two decades of experience as a business owner who coaches entrepreneurs and trains leaders around the world, he says he has unlocked the secret to turning fun into extraordinary success. Kusiak has also earned certifications in happiness coaching and human resources consulting, which have established him to be the go-to guy for all things fun in business.

Kusiak says he has stacked numerous accomplishments because he’s not one to slip into a cubicle and complain. Equipped with experience in owning franchises and coaching franchisees, the founder believes he has pioneering strategies that can transform businesses and boost their revenue while encouraging employee engagement. He helps organizations achieve this by prioritizing fun in the workplace through his role as the ultimate motivator—inspiring teams, improving company culture and driving business sales and operations to new heights.

The driving engine behind Kusiak’s passion is his adoration for finding the fun in all things, especially the unexpected. He says his enthusiastic and unique approach has cemented his place as an innovative thought leader in business management.

Unlocking workplace joy

Kusiak says the Fun First Strategy encourages everyone to find the fun in the workplace, fostering an environment where all are authentically thrilled to engage with each other, finish projects, interact with customers and achieve goals. His approach incorporates a mix of concepts, activities and techniques tailored to engage even the most serious minds in business.

As it is with most people who genuinely love their work, one venture is not enough for Kusiak. Seeking to share his philosophy and method with as many people as possible, he decided to pursue writing. The founder authored The for Hacking Workplace Happiness and recently released Drop the F-Bomb in Your Business in January. Kusiak sees his writing as a showcase of his innate ability to find joy in even the most unexpected places. He aims to leave every reader inspired and delight inquisitive minds with the themes and techniques explored in his work, laying the foundation for a fresh approach to work and a worldwide revolution of the workplace environment.

Kusiak is expanding the Fun First Strategy beyond individual coaching and consulting through his training programs, which are tailored for organizations eager to inject a sense of joy, creativity and enthusiasm into their corporate culture and offer certificates upon completion. He says these sessions move past the conventional, challenging leaders and teams to embrace a mindset that prioritizes fun while achieving success.

The founder is also available as a keynote speaker at events, engaging audiences with his dynamic personality while delivering insights into the Fun First Strategy and how companies can benefit from adopting it in their workplaces. Kusiak strives to be a driving force behind transforming workplaces into environments where employees not only excel but also genuinely enjoy the journey.

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