Performance Care Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center Teams With Liquivida


PUBLISHED: October 6, 2023
Chiropractor Golan Nissim, D.C., founder of Performance Care Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center (PCSM) proudly offering Liquivida IV vitamin therapy

In the expanding world of health care, chiropractor Golan Nissim, D.C., believes that standing out from the crowd requires a blend of passion, innovation and commitment to patient well-being. Over two decades ago, he differentiated himself by adopting active release techniques to treat soft tissue injuries. Nissim is the founder of Performance Care Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center Inc. (PCSM), and now, he’s incorporating Liquivida IV vitamin therapy in the services the center offers.

A journey of healing and passion

Nissim’s journey into health care began with a personal experience—an unresolved baseball injury to his shoulder during high school. Disheartened by ineffective solutions he tried, he pursued a career in health care, driven by a passion to help people with conditions that conventional treatments couldn’t fix. His quest for effective soft tissue injury treatments led him to discover active release techniques, an approach that he says brought out his intuitive side.

With a focus on holistic patient care, Performance Care Sports Medicine has grown into a multispecialty practice offering an array of services under one roof. This integration enables the team of medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and more to collaborate and tailor personalized treatment plans for each patient. Their common mission is to relieve pain through treatments including soft tissue therapy, shockwave therapy, blood flow restriction therapy, trigger point injections, spinal decompression and more.

The next step

Embracing innovation, Nissim noticed an interest in IV vitamin therapy among his patients in the entertainment industry area where his practice is located. After doing some research, he was inspired by the story and mission of Sam Tejada, CEO of Liquivida, and decided to incorporate Liquivida’s IV drips and products into his practice. This addition not only augments the existing treatments but also caters to the lifestyle and needs of the clinic’s active and health-conscious clientele.

“My intuitive side allows me to approach things from a different perspective. When you treat with your heart and a passion for what you do, great results happen. With Liquivida products and PCSM’s mission, we are able to give patients the best outcomes because we are implementing the highest quality standards and using the highest quality products available,” Nissim says.

Liquivida boasts a range of solutions, including Liquivida IV drips, and is focused on making preventive health and wellness care accessible to everyone. Liquivida partners with doctors, nurse practitioners, wellness centers and naturopathic medical professionals distributing Liquivida IV kits and products to clinics and providers nationwide.

“At Liquivida, we believe that a proactive approach is the best way to achieve optimal health. Whether their patients work hard or play hard, we are on a mission to provide medical professionals access to the best IV vitamin therapy products so their patients can get healthy from the inside out and live their best lives. Partnering with PCSM allows us to provide our high-quality IV drips to an even broader audience,” Tejada says.

Convenience and care

Nissim says his decision to collaborate with Liquivida was fueled by the quality of their products and the added support offered by the company. Liquivida’s IV kits include single-dose vials, gloves and everything needed for licensed nurses at the center to provide a sterile, safe and seamless administration process. This allows the team at PCSM to focus on providing patient care without the hassle of managing the logistics.

The inclusion of IV vitamin therapy enables Performance Care Sports Medicine to offer a broader range of services to a diverse audience. Some of the potential benefits provided by IV therapy that individuals may experience include immune system boosting, increased energy, reduced inflammation, hangover recovery and enhanced mental focus. Patients range from active individuals seeking relief from an injury or pre- or post-op rehabilitation to business travelers looking to boost their wellness before a trip. The goal of the practice is to cater to various needs with an aim to deliver the best outcomes.

As the practice continues to differentiate itself with a multidisciplinary approach and treatment options, the addition of IV vitamin therapy powered by Liquivida further solidifies Performance Care Sports Medicine’s commitment to providing comprehensive and effective solutions for both healing and preventive health care.

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