On the Bookshelf: Poke the Box

UPDATED: May 25, 2011
PUBLISHED: May 25, 2011

Initiative. In Seth Godin’s newest title, Poke the Box, initiative isn’t just an idea… it’s the idea. Starting something new, lending a hand, trying something different and making a difference require initiative and the guts to follow through until completion.

The ideas presented in Godin’s book are simple. But as he insinuates in the closing pages, if several people read the same book and discuss its ideas, a shouting match is liable to ensue— because as simple as the command “take initiative” sounds, the “yeah-buts” are sure to surface quickly. Fear of failure, fear of being ostracized and fear of rejection keep the general public (maybe even you) from taking action on ideas. But Godin points out that you can do everything right and follow all the rules and still fail. Your best shot at making a real difference in the world is to be an instigator and keep starting, every day, until you finish.

This quick read is sure to spark at least one new idea. It may even embolden you to take a shot at making your new idea a reality.


Noteworthy Quote:

 “If you can’t fail, it doesn’t count.”

A few things you’ll learn from this book:

Failure is a prerequisite for success.

It’s easier to decide to be an initiator for life than to agonize over whether to innovate each time the opportunity arises.

You already have the information you need to get started. The real challenge is to start.

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