Mindset Isn’t Everything with Lauren Johnson

UPDATED: May 9, 2024
PUBLISHED: February 14, 2023
Mindset Isn't Everything with Lauren Johnson

Mindset is not everything, but it impacts everything. Lauren Johnson is a mental performance consultant and executive coach with more than a decade of experience working with high-performing individuals, powerhouse organizations and professional athletes, including the New York Yankees.

This week, Johnson tells In the Details host Karen Allen about the relationship between mental performance and success. She shares the origin story of her own consulting company and the success of her mental performance work, including a young draft pick pitcher who experienced an incredible transformation after he began working on his self-awareness.

Johnson explains that many of the same mental training principles used by elite athletes can also be translated to the everyday person.

“Instead of talking about being on the mound and the bottom of the ninth with a pitcher, I am talking to a CEO about the talk to his team about the biggest changes that are about to occur and how he’s going to lead a team through that,” she says. 

She also discusses strategies for improving mental performance, developing strong habits and her three favorite questions for journaling. 

Learn more about Lauren Johnson at laurenjohnsonandco.com and follow her on Instagram at @laurennicolejohnson. You can download her “57 Powerful Mental Performance Questions” at go.laurenjohnsonandco.com/57questions

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